Lei Ann...Off Duty

acupuncturist kung fu sifu speed typist hawaiian-born bostonian zombie hunter...so what's a girl supposed to wear on her day off? leiannoffduty@gmail.com ~ FB: Lei Ann Off Duty

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*lei ann…ON DUTY ~ getting ready for year of the snake!*

in five days, it’ll be chinese new year…lunar year of the black water snake 4711!   from this week on for about a month, the above lion dance costume is pretty much the outfit i will be wearing most of the time…hahaha!  most of our lion dance & kung fu demonstrations are private events, but we (me & other performance team members of my kung fu school) will be doing the traditional lucky chinese lion dance at the downtown crossing macy’s at approximately 2:00 on sunday, feb. 10, the actual day of chinese new year.  if anyone wants to see me in my less than fashionable wear (and shoes with NO heels…gasp!), come on down ^_^

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