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*the colors of dead trees*

quite an appropriate outfit for the frigid dead of winter…wearing only black, brown, white & a skirt that looks like it’s made of dead leaves.  no matter how low into the single digits the temperatures dip however, as long as i have leggings & knee high boots, i’ll still continue to wear my shortest skirts…no matter what :)  i wish this cold snap would hurry up & be over though.  as a self-professed shoe gal, as much as i love these boots, i don’t want to wear them every day!

wearing: DKNY black turtleneck with tan cuffs sweater || forever 21 floral skirt || simply vera leggings || aldo knee high faux fur boots


*pink plus lots of animal shapes*

taking a cue from miz najeema today in maximizing your wardrobe by winterizing an out-of-season dress, it’s a technique i actually deploy quite often.  i was with najeema when she bought that madewell dress & all the pre-fall jokes that were flying around that evening XD  i’m glad she bought it (or else i would have) & happy to see it once more before it has to hibernate for winter ^_^

*my* dress today with all its teeny bird silhouettes is a little easier to wear for winter since it’s not as sheer or in bright pastel spring-like colors.  combining it with a lot of old things today…this VS sweater i’ve had for eons (i can’t even remember when i ordered from the VS catalog last) & an express suede belt from high school.  this pink circle rhinestone brooch came with the sweater & it always looks so pathetic by itself, so i tend to jazz it up with other pins.  lately, i like combining this spider brooch with this dragonfly pin…arranging them so it looks like the spider is trying to catch the poor defenseless dragonfly. aren’t i such a meanie???

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