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*fall floral print mixing*

print mixing, black, brown, floral, fall colors, fall floral, thigh high boots, suede boots, jeffrey campbell boots, forever 21 skirt

anyone still watch project runway?  i was so excited when dom streater won this past season for her strong print design skills…if it isn’t obvious by now that i’m a huge fan of mixed prints :)  this particular look really enraptured me…the transition of a color print into black/grey/white while maintaining the same design.  genius!

print mixing, black brown floral, floral print, mixed prints, fall fashion, leaf print

this is my attempt at kind of duplicating that look.  not quite the same & not *that* much color either, but i still love the overall effect :)  to use famous tim gunn speak, i made it work!

wearing: thrifted talbots black/white sweater || F21 brown floral skirt || jeffrey campbell black suede thigh high boots

jeffrey campbell boots, thigh high boots, suede boots, black boots


*my version of the seersucker suit*

i didn’t really *try* to make a seersucker suit.  i lived down in the southern part of the united states for a bit, but not that long…hahaha :)  i ended up pulling this jacket out of the closet by mistake at the same time when i grabbed another jacket.  it’s been sitting around & so i thought, well let me wear it while it’s out here :)

i’ve had this other skirt for eons, so, why not pair the two & go pinstripe/seersucker crazy?  may not look quite like what the old folks wear down south, but maybe my northern, girly, flirty interpretation of it ^_^

wearing: gap jacket (swapped from nicolle) || UO striped star skirt || t-shirt c/o joe’s jeans/wrentham village || melissa rubber wedges


*black & white kentucky derby party outfit*

truth…i’ve never attended a kentucky derby party.  i know right?  i loves me any excuse to wear decorative headgear, but it was just never anything i really got into.  my husband had a work-related party though, so i was happy to oblige.  as i recall, the way MDH RSVP’d for us was…”oh don’t worry!  any excuse for my wife to wear a big ass hat, we’ll be there!”  hahaha!  he knows me so well.

wearing: target black/white floral dress || h&m hat || assorted flower hair clips || gucci leather handbag || bebe black platform pumps


*favorite spring outfit ~ black & white striped dress*


ever since i saw *that* oscar de la renta striped ballgown, i had been goo-ga-ga for a similar outfit.  granted, floor-length, full skirted gorgeousness is not practical for *everyday* wear, so, i’m glad i found this little swishy, bubble skirted lovely to tide me over :)

accessories:  hello kitty ring (SF flagship store) || h&m black flower ring || swapped silver filigree bracelet || opal/silver dainty ring

funny how black & white stripes are nothing new for spring, but something about altering the direction of the stripes feels so fresh & new.  forgive me too…being a child of the 80s, i can’t *not* love a bubble miniskirt as well.  can’t wait to style this dress in different ways come (warmer) spring & summer weather :)  

wearing; alythea striped bubble dress (via ebay) || contempo casuals satin blouse (that old!) || F21 earrings || aldo outlet ankle boots


*3 favorite trends for spring 2013*

i was perusing glamour’s top 10 most wearable trends for spring since having lived through 2 snowstorms in just the past one week, i needed a bit of warm weather inspiration!  i was thrilled to see that a few of my favorite trends are featured & some of my outfits have already gotten a head start…even though the weather has not ;)

1.  bold stripes:  stripes for spring is always recurring.  it’s almost a non-trend as it’s never not relevant.  i think the key though is switching such a ubiquitous trend up in a different way.  i love this old black & white H&M sweater, but instead of pairing it with just black pants or a black skirt, i took the whole stripes theme to another level with this matching pleated skirt in bold neon-hued stripes.

2.  beading:  i’ve never been a big fan of sequins or paillettes.  i seem to get them caught on everything.  so, i’m thrilled that beading is making a comeback, as i find it’s more subtle than sequins, but still special enough to make any outfit a standout.  like this old vintage indian fabric jacket i got from ebay.  i could wear it with leggings & a t-shirt or take it up a notch for valentine’s day :)

3.  black & white:  is there any easier color palette to pull off than black & white?  i like how for this upcoming spring season though, it’s more about using them in graphic lines & bold patterns.  my simple black & white dress would have been boring if not for the subtle elephant silhouette print.  i might even indulge in some black & white pattern mixing by wearing the striped sweater above with this elephant dress!  how’s that for switching things around & getting even more mileage out of these spring trends? hahaha! 


*last chance for mint*

mint was definitely the color du jour this past spring.  i took these photos last week on probably the last hot day of the year.  it’s funny too as this outfit is the exact reverse of an outfit i wore a few months ago aaaaand i got both jacket eyelet pieces on the same goodwill shopping trip!  au revoir mint! until next spring :) 

wearing: h&m white eyelet lace jacket (via goodwill) || marshalls mint dress (old)  || DIY koi earrings || metallic acrylic heel slingbacks (via ebay)


*dilly dallying in daisy print*

it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things from being gone for a week, but getting there.  acupuncture & kung fu life always take precedence, so blogging tends to fall by the wayside, but slowly back on track with the whole outfit photo taking again :) speaking of being away, the daisies in my garden literally EXPLODED with blooms!  hence, they get to take center stage front & proper while i try to cope with this heat preppy style…in a clean sharp white shirt & pleated skirt ^_^

wearing:  swapped BCBG white blouse || jason wu x target daisy print skirt || thrifted enamel necklace || lela rose x payless navy wedges


*sweltering in the south*

wearing:  floral maxi wrap caftan (formerly kristen’s via swap) || target sunglasses || cameo pendant (via ebay) || bebe mesh peeptoe booties

well, here i am…back from my week long trip down south & this is the only outfit photo i took!  hahaha…we all know the dangers of feeling burnout & pressure to post while vacationing, but since this was more of an “on duty” vacation for me & time was very limited even for fun stuff, if i’ve gone a week without posting, oh well, so be it ^_^

maybe later when i have more time, i’ll describe more what i was doing down south, but long story short…one of the sister schools of my kung fu system in tennessee was having a big anniversary performance & i, along with other instructors of the boston school, were invited to perform :)  in addition to doing that, i had a great time seeing tons of friends, other kung fu cousins that i’ve known for years & eating lots and LOTS of barbecue!  i even went ziplining & a “mild” version of white water rafting for the first time!  unfortunately, it was also super hot down south with many 100+ heat index type days (*pant*).  i’m glad that i ended up with kristen’s floral orange & white maxi dress from fiesta swap that despite the long layer, was floaty & airy enough to keep me cool.  *well*…somewhat cool.  the waterfall near this wonderful picnic spot that MDH found for us at a stopover in abingdon, VA also helped a lot :) 


*style profile with hogger & co*

wearing:  all saints spitalfields eyelet lace dress ($40 via marshalls) || DIY skull bracelets || asos gold ankle cuffs || bebe mesh peeptoe booties

i didn’t even think i was going to post at all today.  i’m crazed with getting ready to leave town, but lookee what sweet smita of hogger & co coincidentally blessed me with as a going away present!  i’ve admired smita’s photography about as long as we’ve been twitter buddies, so when she thought i would be a good fit for her style profile for nashua soup kitchen project, i jumped at the chance to work with her!  we managed to pick the one day last week that had crazy thunderstorms all morning, but miraculously brightened up at the peak late afternoon/early evening ideal light photography time!  then it rained again right after we were done. lucky us!  i really do love smita’s work & please enjoy the rest of her photos & my style profile interview on her site :)  thank you again, smita, for the fun time & great photos!  next time you see me, i’ll be down south!   yee haw!

photo credit:  photography by hogger & co


*hanging by the grapevine*

i seem to have a “uniform” of sorts on these 90+ degree summer days…airy, full-skirted strapless dress with platform wedges, just like last week :)  however, decided to forego the massive statement necklace for some collar bone-grazing earrings instead…hahaha!

wearing: F21 dress || white bolero (brookline store long gone) || 3-circle earrings (santorini, greece gift shop) || alice + olivia x payless wedges

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