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*the sartorialist at wellesley college*

boston seems to be in the midst of a fashion photography moment…first, mario testino comes to town & now scott schuman, aka the sartoralist, famed street style photographer arrives to speak to the meticulously-dressed masses at wellesley college.

even though it was a dreary rainy night in the boston area, several fans, myself included and renata of scorpion disco, came out to hear mr. schuman speak.  it was a very informal talk that he gave…mostly personal anecdotes of some of the street pictorials he had taken.  everything from the woman on the bike that he tried to capture the glint off her prosthetic leg in the flickering sunlight to the very quiet & unassuming girl outside of a chicago art school.  i love behind-the-scenes type stories…just makes the man behind the lens more than just a name on a blog.

after his 30 minute talk & unfortunately a very brief Q&A session, we headed downstairs for mr. schuman’s reception & book signing. i’ll admit at that point, i was pretty tired, but i waited around with renata so she could get her boston phoenix interview that she conducted with him signed.  then, we took pictures, ate some brownies & left.  kind of a casual monday night.  how was yours? hahaha!

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