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*swiss-wrist.com review*


being a thrifty gal who still likes high end designer items (at the right price) & being a business owner, i was happy to help small startup company, swiss-wrist.com, in reviewing their website.  i’m not a rolex watch wearer, but i do quite favor my fashion blogger staple, the michael kors men’s watch.  however, i can definitely appreciate the exquisite reputation of rolex watches.  if you’re wearing a rolex, you really need no other jewelry or accessory :)  i like the used rolex submariner line (pictured above).  it’s more understated & not so “blingy” as other models for a sportier or sleeker look.  they also have plenty of women’s designs, pre-owned watches & even unworn 2013 models!  so, if you’re in the market for *the* top of the line watch, check out their site or on facebook!

**disclaimer: i was compensated by swiss-wrist.com for this post, but opinions are 100% my own.


the pics of my ensemb were coming out horrendously today. so screw it…another chance to wear it, another chance to photograph it. so, i thought i’d give you instead some outfit details which are almost always more fun. ALMOST…can you tell this was a fun outfit? i’ll give you a little hint…there was a lot of RED…hahaha!

these awesome egg-like melissa wedges…i couldn’t believe i hit the motherlode my last shopping day in manila back in november. totally authentic too, not knock-offs. manila’s rustan’s red tag is like neiman’s last call, nordstrom rack, you know…high end discount shopping at its finest. the watch was another great deal. the macys near me is closing down, so everything is on mad, clearance, got-ta-go sale. a perfectly gorgeous michael kors watch for 40% off. yeah…i’m down.

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