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*my indian valentine*

last year for valentine’s day, i went for that more va-va-voom bold look in red chiffon & black leather.  this year, i wanted to go more demure & had some pink pieces all set aside.  unfortunately, the perfect pink outfit i had envisioned (to put it in project runway terms) did not translate well once i had put it on.  hence this last minute outfit which i must say, would have been more appropriate for the indian wedding i attended, but still ended up looking pretty good!

even managed to get outside just in time to catch that last glimpse of “golden hour” sun…to perfectly match the sunset colors of my “jacket.”  i say jacket because this was a dress i got from ebay, but did not fit.  luckily, there was a seam that ran right down the middle that with just a quick zip of a seam ripper, converted a too tight dress into a wearable & more versatile jacket :)

wearing: vintage indian jacket/dress from ebay || rodarte x target nude tulle dress || kohl’s nude fishnets || madeline girl platforms

accessories:  engagement ring & substitute band || opal stackable ring || hawaiian style jewelry gold bangles with enameled name personalization || vintage gold tassel necklace (gifted from gma) || LF stores rhinestone snake ring

off now to a late dinner with the ol’ hubby :)  however you celebrated valentine’s day, hope it was lovely!


first things first, i took today off. nope, had nothing to do with valentines day, but more because i knew my body would be wrecked from doing this all day. so, i didn’t even get dressed until about 2:00. and yup, this is my valentines day outfit. i typically tend to go red on V-day, but i guess the warmish weather (it was 52 degrees…whaaaat?), got me in a gauzy, floaty kinda mood. you know, all romantical & shiz, even though the only thing MDH & i ever do on V-day is have a nice tasty dinner (which really isn’t much different from any other day…bwahaha). 

secondly, notice these little boxes sprinkled over my photos the last few posts? the sophisticatedly styled sophia of phosphene invited me to try out her super cool site called tag.loudly that she developed (what? dang, that girl got TALENT!) where, just like in facebook, you can tag anything you want on your photos! so no more having to fit text onto my pic or wasting space writing a whole paragraph listing my outfit details. i like how i can also include links to some items which if aren’t swapped or thrifted (unfortunately like 90% of my stuff), will take you to the website i got it from if you really like it! it’s genius…i love it! check out her site for an invite code ^_^

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