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*fall floral print mixing*

print mixing, black, brown, floral, fall colors, fall floral, thigh high boots, suede boots, jeffrey campbell boots, forever 21 skirt

anyone still watch project runway?  i was so excited when dom streater won this past season for her strong print design skills…if it isn’t obvious by now that i’m a huge fan of mixed prints :)  this particular look really enraptured me…the transition of a color print into black/grey/white while maintaining the same design.  genius!

print mixing, black brown floral, floral print, mixed prints, fall fashion, leaf print

this is my attempt at kind of duplicating that look.  not quite the same & not *that* much color either, but i still love the overall effect :)  to use famous tim gunn speak, i made it work!

wearing: thrifted talbots black/white sweater || F21 brown floral skirt || jeffrey campbell black suede thigh high boots

jeffrey campbell boots, thigh high boots, suede boots, black boots


*thigh high pirate boots*

looks like i’m extending my thigh high boots moment…hahaha! those type of boots are tough to rock during the daytime due to their *ahem* salacious reputation.  i love high boots for cold weather though.  how else can i still wear flouncy dresses but keep my legs warm when tights just won’t do?  what tones these bad boys down though is the fact they have wedge heels instead of sky high stiletto ones & the weird straps of leather wound all the way around…kind of like pirate boots.  so, i feel more plankwalker than streetwalker & more appropriate for daytime ^_^

thigh high comfortable boots, another skeletal cameo pendant?  if the mayan apocalypse is really upon us, bring it on…i’m ready ^_^

wearing: swapped jacket || canal st NYC store dress || grey zombie cameo pendant (philly comic con vendor) || JC thigh high leather boots


*japanese silk jacket with thigh high boots*


the other day when i mentioned goofing around & taking pictures with renata after the sartorialist signing…this is what i meant :)  it’s always nice to have another blogger friend around to document your “outfit of the day”.  

you can’t see them too well in these photos, but i’ve fallen back in love with these old thigh high boots.  i don’t know if my muscular kung fu thighs have slimmed down a bit or the leather has become more pliable over the years, but these boots have become much more wearable.  me & the thigh high platform boots…we’re having us a moment ^_^

also, what a happy happenstance the scrollwork of my long tunic (or very short dress…not sure) happened to match the swirls of the wellesley college auditorium carpet :)

wearing: century 21 black & white floral scroll bell sleeved tunic || vintage silk japanese haori || wet seal pleather leggings || rue la la leather bodega bag (via ebay) || the glamourai x shrimpton couture dharma neck plate || jeffrey campbell thigh high black suede boots


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