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*swiss-wrist.com review*


being a thrifty gal who still likes high end designer items (at the right price) & being a business owner, i was happy to help small startup company, swiss-wrist.com, in reviewing their website.  i’m not a rolex watch wearer, but i do quite favor my fashion blogger staple, the michael kors men’s watch.  however, i can definitely appreciate the exquisite reputation of rolex watches.  if you’re wearing a rolex, you really need no other jewelry or accessory :)  i like the used rolex submariner line (pictured above).  it’s more understated & not so “blingy” as other models for a sportier or sleeker look.  they also have plenty of women’s designs, pre-owned watches & even unworn 2013 models!  so, if you’re in the market for *the* top of the line watch, check out their site or on facebook!

**disclaimer: i was compensated by swiss-wrist.com for this post, but opinions are 100% my own.

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