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*winter off-whites*

winter white, cream, off white, neutral, beige, lace, sweater, ankle boots

oddly warm weather today with it being almost 50 degrees.  decided to take advantage of this rare break with a short skirt & ankle booties!  hahaha!  cos we all know it’ll be back to double layers & long fabrics again tomorrow ^_^

winter white, cream, off white, neutral, beige, lace, sweater, ankle boots

winter white, cream, off white, neutral, beige, lace, sweater, ankle boots

wearing: express sweater (old) || thrifted lace dress || danskin tights || pour la victoire leather & pony hair booties (via gilt city warehouse sale)

winter white, cream, off white, neutral, beige, lace, sweater, ankle boots


*ice blue & steel grey*

sweater, chunky sweater, sneaker wedges, thakoon target skirt, glitter sneakers

i usually take mondays off since i work at least one weekend day.  unfortunately, it rarely is a true day “off” since i typically have to be all over the place to get errands done.  today’s agenda involved bringing in my car for a service check for our thanksgiving weekend road trip, grocery shopping for turkey day & then a trip to sephora for new makeup.  on this frigid day, i decided to be more comfy & cozy with a huge chunky sweater & sneaker wedges to make all this driving & walking around easier.  only 2 work days for me this week & then, all that thanksgiving EATING!  sooooooo can’t wait ;)

chunky sweater, ice blue, grey

wearing:  express sweater (old) || thakoon for target print skirt (old) || fleece-lined leggings (LF store) || steve madden glitter sneaker wedges

steve madden sneaker wedges, glitter sneaker wedges


*a pop of color*

the most overused terms in fashion blogging (in my opinion) are “obsessed, chic, stylish, pop of color & date night.”  with that being said, on this most rainy, windy & dreariest of days, here’s my outfit featuring “a pop of color.”  hypocrite much?  hahaha!

wearing: michael kors fishermen net sweater || wet seal bodycon black dress || target neon pink bandeau || JC thigh high boots


*the colors of dead trees*

quite an appropriate outfit for the frigid dead of winter…wearing only black, brown, white & a skirt that looks like it’s made of dead leaves.  no matter how low into the single digits the temperatures dip however, as long as i have leggings & knee high boots, i’ll still continue to wear my shortest skirts…no matter what :)  i wish this cold snap would hurry up & be over though.  as a self-professed shoe gal, as much as i love these boots, i don’t want to wear them every day!

wearing: DKNY black turtleneck with tan cuffs sweater || forever 21 floral skirt || simply vera leggings || aldo knee high faux fur boots


*harvard colors*

wearing:  motel rocks wendy sweater (via akira chicago) || simply vera wang chino leggings || thrifted nine west butterscotch leather boots

don’t ask me why i’m dressed in crimson & cream…harvard university colors.  i live close by, but that’s about the only correlation.  it’s friday…it’s the end of the week…i’m tired.  however, wearing this super thick, warm & comfortable sweater in this dreary icky weather, guess that makes me a bit more wicked smaht ^_^


*whimsical frog sweater*

nothing like a bright & FUN whimsical sweater to brighten up a monday morning, eh?  i bought a lamp at a “yard” sale (if yard = living room…hahaha! not many yard sales going on in the dead of winter in boston…no matter how mild the weather) & the lady threw in this child’s sweater for free.  the cropped length of it is the perfect proportion for me as i’m usually drowning in regular “adult” sized sweaters.  although it was pretty laughable trying to fit my massive head of hair through the teeny neckhole.  let’s see if i can get it off this evening without tearing…hahaha!

i wore my other shoemint shoes last week.  as low & comfy that pair is, this pair is sky high & quite precarious, i must say :)  you probably won’t believe me if i tell you i found the jeffrey campbell night walks much easier to walk in than this pair.  they’re still awesome though & look at that grommet corset detail in the back!  i really do love the shape & how i kinda have big ol’ ugly blocks attached to my feet.  ridiculously, freakishly super high ugly blocks ^_^

wearing:  yard sale frog sweater || F21 grey dress || DIY hex nut/twine bracelet || silver bangles c/o kmart || shoemint “pauline” wedges


*sweater dressing*

if you live up here in the northeast, i don’t need to tell you how *bizarre* this winter has been.  truly, the oddest one we have had. whoever heard of a snowless boston winter?  especially compared to the monstrous dumping we got last year.  not just the lack of snow, but the fact that almost every day this year has averaged in the high 30s to low 40s.  i’m not complaining *trust me*.  every time i don’t have to shovel my uphill 150 foot long driveway, i’m grateful!  i just feel bad for the polar bears.  global warming…it’s getting freaky now.

i mean, geez, i never even had to pull my heavy sweater bins up from the basement.  i’ve been getting by on t-shirts & blazers.  even wearing this sweater dress (which mind you, only has cap sleeves), i was kind of working up a sweat walking around in the bright sun out there.    

speaking of bright…eeekkk, i’m really loving how coppery caramel my hair turned out, but i still forget, look in the mirror & then wig out over how light my hair is again.  almost like i don’t recognize myself.  oh well, it’s just like the temperature outside, not complaining, but still getting used to it o.O

wearing: swapped blazer || sweater dress & belt c/o kmart || UO leather cuff || DIY skull/cross earrings || isabel toledo for payless booties


*fair (isle) weather friend*

my favorite design team of all time has to be dolce & gabbana.  their collections are always so flirty & girly, yet grown up & sexy too. just enough color, sassiness & over-the-topness to always be on the verge of mind-blowing.  one of my favorite seasons was fall RTW 2010…with the gorgeous contrast of sheer fabrics & fair isle knits.  it was so much so my favorite that i was determined to DIY myself a lot of the knitwear.

that was *over* a year ago…bwahaha!  so far, all i had gotten done was this…a sad, sad emulation to this top.  i had actually gotten as far as knitting one outstandingly poufy sleeve, but now it’s been so long, i can’t remember how i did it to knit the other one.  that’s what i get for not writing what i’m doing as i go along as i tend to knit a lot just by eyeing it vs. following a pattern.  oh well…HALF a DIY is better than none at all right?  i did manage to knit a scarf last year to match this one.  that counts…kinda, sorta?  i still have high hopes that i can finish this top off in fine fashion.  if not…well, maybe i’ll just attach the one sleeve & consider it my *avant garde* look!  at least the tube top wondrously matches the lining of my blazer today. extra points for that, right?  hahaha!

wearing: swapped blazer || handknit fair isle tube top || F21 skirt || target watch || piperlime heels || h&m black ring || koi fish pendant


*pink plus lots of animal shapes*

taking a cue from miz najeema today in maximizing your wardrobe by winterizing an out-of-season dress, it’s a technique i actually deploy quite often.  i was with najeema when she bought that madewell dress & all the pre-fall jokes that were flying around that evening XD  i’m glad she bought it (or else i would have) & happy to see it once more before it has to hibernate for winter ^_^

*my* dress today with all its teeny bird silhouettes is a little easier to wear for winter since it’s not as sheer or in bright pastel spring-like colors.  combining it with a lot of old things today…this VS sweater i’ve had for eons (i can’t even remember when i ordered from the VS catalog last) & an express suede belt from high school.  this pink circle rhinestone brooch came with the sweater & it always looks so pathetic by itself, so i tend to jazz it up with other pins.  lately, i like combining this spider brooch with this dragonfly pin…arranging them so it looks like the spider is trying to catch the poor defenseless dragonfly. aren’t i such a meanie???

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