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*my indian valentine*

last year for valentine’s day, i went for that more va-va-voom bold look in red chiffon & black leather.  this year, i wanted to go more demure & had some pink pieces all set aside.  unfortunately, the perfect pink outfit i had envisioned (to put it in project runway terms) did not translate well once i had put it on.  hence this last minute outfit which i must say, would have been more appropriate for the indian wedding i attended, but still ended up looking pretty good!

even managed to get outside just in time to catch that last glimpse of “golden hour” sun…to perfectly match the sunset colors of my “jacket.”  i say jacket because this was a dress i got from ebay, but did not fit.  luckily, there was a seam that ran right down the middle that with just a quick zip of a seam ripper, converted a too tight dress into a wearable & more versatile jacket :)

wearing: vintage indian jacket/dress from ebay || rodarte x target nude tulle dress || kohl’s nude fishnets || madeline girl platforms

accessories:  engagement ring & substitute band || opal stackable ring || hawaiian style jewelry gold bangles with enameled name personalization || vintage gold tassel necklace (gifted from gma) || LF stores rhinestone snake ring

off now to a late dinner with the ol’ hubby :)  however you celebrated valentine’s day, hope it was lovely!


*sunrise & sunset ~ on a t-shirt*

wasn’t last night such a luxury, boston peeps?  i had a great night’s sleep with just the windows open…no AC, no fan, slight chill, completely under the sheets with the blanket tucked up under my chin.  *sigh*  it felt so nice!  we know what that means though, right?  the smell of fall is in the air, can’t deny it.  guess i found this photo print shirt of a tropical scene *just* in time then :)  it’ll remind me to soak up as much sunshine while i can :(

another thing i’m mourning…the loss of 8 inches of my hair :(  i honestly hadn’t had a real haircut since july 2010, so i was definitely due.  plus with all the bleaching & ombre-ing, my ends were raggedy as all heck, so it needed to be done.  i never think i’m one to whine about my hair as it grows back so quickly, but i’ve been wearing it up since the haircut cos i still can’t handle the “shorter” length.  it falls weirdly & my beachy waves aren’t so *wavy* anymore.  talk about first world problems huh?  tee hee!  i’ve actually done my hair in the style of some of the girls london olympics gymnastics team even before i watched the olympics, so that’s what i’ve been doing more since the cut…hahaha!  *sigh*  why’d i mention the olympics?  forgot that i miss having it on TV all the time too. gosh, now i’m more depressed that when i started this post!  ah well…enjoy these last days of august, kiddos!

wearing: the webster miami x target men’s t-shirt || ann taylor skirt || jewelmint necklace || michael kors watch || DV dolce vita cork sandals

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