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*stripes & squares*

black, blue, stripes, print, neon yellow, cross strap bra

i remember the first 2 weeks of august was the most perfect beautiful weather…couldn’t even call it summer really, sunny clear days with nary a blip on the humidity scale.  these last 2 weeks of august…blehhhhh. the days would start off cool enough & then by 2-3 o’clock, all this crazy humidity would kick in >.<  well, it technically is still summer…better enjoy while you can right?  like i better enjoy some of these old sleeveless tops before they get tucked way in the back of the drawers again :)

LF, black, blue stripes, target print skirt, neon yellow

wearing: LF stores striped tank || T by alexander wang cross front bra || target squares print skirt || lela rose x payless strappy wedges

black, blue, stripes, print, neon yellow, cross strap bra


*summer chevron stripes*

i’m not one to apologize for not blogging lately.  everyone understands real life takes over once in a while & posting daily outfits has to fall to the wayside.  nor am i one to whine about being stressed *however* i spent a week away in florida, now dealing with this gross summer heat & an expected (yet still caught me by surprise) move that are both sapping my strength & then out of the country next week, but have to clean before i go as my in-laws will be staying at our house for a bit.  sheesh!  staying positive though after reading a quote that the IFB posted lately…”it always seems impossible until it’s done.”  thanks guys!  it has definitely become my mantra through my move & before i know it, i will be sipping mojitos on a white sands beach with all of this stress behind me :)

wearing: target chevron dress || lacrosse belt (via oona’s $5 bag sale) || jade bracelet || payless teal/mint striped platform wedges


*my version of the seersucker suit*

i didn’t really *try* to make a seersucker suit.  i lived down in the southern part of the united states for a bit, but not that long…hahaha :)  i ended up pulling this jacket out of the closet by mistake at the same time when i grabbed another jacket.  it’s been sitting around & so i thought, well let me wear it while it’s out here :)

i’ve had this other skirt for eons, so, why not pair the two & go pinstripe/seersucker crazy?  may not look quite like what the old folks wear down south, but maybe my northern, girly, flirty interpretation of it ^_^

wearing: gap jacket (swapped from nicolle) || UO striped star skirt || t-shirt c/o joe’s jeans/wrentham village || melissa rubber wedges


*navy, white, geometric print & stripes*

a bold geometric skirt with an eye-catching pop of neon.  an on-trend white jacket with a “cool” ladder detail in the back.  new platform wedges with stripes of varying colors & stripes.

even though i love every different detail about this outfit, my favorite by far are the shoes.  super cute, huh?  the perfect summer heels for frolicking about in the sun…and with a heatwave forecast of over 90 degrees predicted for boston today, summer has come quickly!  hahaha!

wearing:  akira chicago black label white jacket || BCBG t-shirt || target geometric print skirt || payless nautical platform wedge


*favorite spring outfit ~ black & white striped dress*


ever since i saw *that* oscar de la renta striped ballgown, i had been goo-ga-ga for a similar outfit.  granted, floor-length, full skirted gorgeousness is not practical for *everyday* wear, so, i’m glad i found this little swishy, bubble skirted lovely to tide me over :)

accessories:  hello kitty ring (SF flagship store) || h&m black flower ring || swapped silver filigree bracelet || opal/silver dainty ring

funny how black & white stripes are nothing new for spring, but something about altering the direction of the stripes feels so fresh & new.  forgive me too…being a child of the 80s, i can’t *not* love a bubble miniskirt as well.  can’t wait to style this dress in different ways come (warmer) spring & summer weather :)  

wearing; alythea striped bubble dress (via ebay) || contempo casuals satin blouse (that old!) || F21 earrings || aldo outlet ankle boots


*for the love of boston*

what can i say?  it’s been a very difficult week for boston & will continue to be for a long time.  my heart breaks for this city that i love so much.  aurora…tucson…newtown…us.  we’re now a part of the current landscape of national tragedies.  never thought it would happen.  however, to reiterate the sentiment, we’re boston, we’re strong, we’ll endure & we’ll heal.


*prabal gurung for target sweatshirt*

i am in love, LOVE with this sweatshirt from the prabal gurung x target collab.  it’s just so bright & FUN!  in fact, i also like the proenza schouler one from a few months ago as well.  these are such easy pieces to wear…the comfort of sweats, yet not too casual or boring or covered with some high school/university logo :)  plus, more groundbreaking news…i wore pants!  i so hate pants, but these ann taylor ones gifted to me fit excellently both waist-wise & lengthwise.  some days just call for pants as well.  as much as i love tights & knee high boots & the whole rigmarole…there’s also the simple ease of pulling on a pair of pants, slipping on ankle booties & then just go :)

a side note on this sweatshirt…i wore it when i was in florida recently visiting my brand new niece.  my youngest brother said to me “the baby can’t hear you…your shirt’s too loud.”  so funny!  that’s my brother…gotta be such a goofball XD

wearing: prabal gurung x target sweatshirt || moda international striped shirt (very old) || c/o ann taylor black curvy wide leg pants 


*3 favorite trends for spring 2013*

i was perusing glamour’s top 10 most wearable trends for spring since having lived through 2 snowstorms in just the past one week, i needed a bit of warm weather inspiration!  i was thrilled to see that a few of my favorite trends are featured & some of my outfits have already gotten a head start…even though the weather has not ;)

1.  bold stripes:  stripes for spring is always recurring.  it’s almost a non-trend as it’s never not relevant.  i think the key though is switching such a ubiquitous trend up in a different way.  i love this old black & white H&M sweater, but instead of pairing it with just black pants or a black skirt, i took the whole stripes theme to another level with this matching pleated skirt in bold neon-hued stripes.

2.  beading:  i’ve never been a big fan of sequins or paillettes.  i seem to get them caught on everything.  so, i’m thrilled that beading is making a comeback, as i find it’s more subtle than sequins, but still special enough to make any outfit a standout.  like this old vintage indian fabric jacket i got from ebay.  i could wear it with leggings & a t-shirt or take it up a notch for valentine’s day :)

3.  black & white:  is there any easier color palette to pull off than black & white?  i like how for this upcoming spring season though, it’s more about using them in graphic lines & bold patterns.  my simple black & white dress would have been boring if not for the subtle elephant silhouette print.  i might even indulge in some black & white pattern mixing by wearing the striped sweater above with this elephant dress!  how’s that for switching things around & getting even more mileage out of these spring trends? hahaha! 


*one florida trip…several outfits*

i was in florida this past weekend for two very special occasions.  first off, my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary which my brothers & i were able to successfully throw a surprise dinner for them & 40 family members & friends.  it was the perfect surprise!  my parents never even knew we were in the state at all & my mom wouldn’t stop crying, she was so happy!  SUCCESS!  party #2 was the baby shower for my niece coming in march.  i was able to surprise my sister-in-law there with the baby stroller she wanted, plus i gave a hello kitty blanket (of course).  no time to take proper outfit photos, so here’s an amalgamation of what i wore the past few days :)  

anniversary dinner:  erin fetherston butterfly cape sleeve archive dress (similar)

baby shower:  h&m striped sweater & neon striped skirt

other dinners/outings: h&m glitter cardigan, viparo leather skirtmagenta sequined cardigan, & asianicandy shredded heart sweater


*green/grey stripes plus a special guest star*

well, well…look who i found lurking about, trying to avoid his bath!  sorry little man, you can’t fight me when you’re such a little stinky poo & you know you have to go right into the tub as soon as we’re finished with these photos!  (sorry, please excuse the crazy dog lady as she actually talks to her puppy…back to regular programming tomorrow…hahaha!)

wearing:  swapped koan grey short sleeve cardigan || green/grey/black dress (random canal street NYC shop) || silver metallic heels (via ebay)

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