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*3 favorite trends for spring 2013*

i was perusing glamour’s top 10 most wearable trends for spring since having lived through 2 snowstorms in just the past one week, i needed a bit of warm weather inspiration!  i was thrilled to see that a few of my favorite trends are featured & some of my outfits have already gotten a head start…even though the weather has not ;)

1.  bold stripes:  stripes for spring is always recurring.  it’s almost a non-trend as it’s never not relevant.  i think the key though is switching such a ubiquitous trend up in a different way.  i love this old black & white H&M sweater, but instead of pairing it with just black pants or a black skirt, i took the whole stripes theme to another level with this matching pleated skirt in bold neon-hued stripes.

2.  beading:  i’ve never been a big fan of sequins or paillettes.  i seem to get them caught on everything.  so, i’m thrilled that beading is making a comeback, as i find it’s more subtle than sequins, but still special enough to make any outfit a standout.  like this old vintage indian fabric jacket i got from ebay.  i could wear it with leggings & a t-shirt or take it up a notch for valentine’s day :)

3.  black & white:  is there any easier color palette to pull off than black & white?  i like how for this upcoming spring season though, it’s more about using them in graphic lines & bold patterns.  my simple black & white dress would have been boring if not for the subtle elephant silhouette print.  i might even indulge in some black & white pattern mixing by wearing the striped sweater above with this elephant dress!  how’s that for switching things around & getting even more mileage out of these spring trends? hahaha! 

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