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acupuncturist kung fu sifu speed typist hawaiian-born bostonian zombie hunter...so what's a girl supposed to wear on her day off? leiannoffduty@gmail.com ~ FB: Lei Ann Off Duty

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*business up front…80’s party in the back!*

wearing: koan studded sweater (swapped) || wet seal lace skirt || target sunnies || DIY (painted) neon jewelry || ego & greed grey/neon wedges

can’t seem to shake my 2 loves these days.  number one…my need for neon.  it just never seems to get old.  that’s what happens when you grow up in the 80’s ^_^  number two…my affinity for shoes that contrast from front to back. for example, demure leather up front & then punked out spikes from behind :)

so, you can imagine my utter delight with this two-fer :)  got these beautiful wedges during the crazy mad solestruck black friday sale…half off!  i was lucky too.  i didn’t seem to experience server crashing problems like other good friends did that, even with their shoes in their shopping carts & being unable to check out, caused their lovely footwear to be sold out right before their eyes.  i love this color combo too of a nice dark, steely gray & this gorgeous true neon…not just a bright yellow.  my friends joke about me being a ninja (because of my kung fu background, even though it’s not the correct terminology as ninja is japanese & kung fu is chinese, but whatevs…hahaha!), so you may not see me coming, but you sure can’t miss me going!

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