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*happy chinese new year 2013 ~ year of the snake!

unfortunately, winter storm nemo put a damper on a few chinese new year performances that we had scheduled this weekend.  oh well :(  still doing some small things though to ring in the new year, like:

1. surrounding myself with the lucky color, red

2. having lucky foods like oranges & candy (for a sweet year)

3. didn’t wash my hair (so all my luck doesn’t drain away)

4. worked out grudges i had with some people, so that negative energy doesn’t follow me into the new year

5. finally, wearing new clothes (thanks to prabal gurung & target…tee hee hee)



*snake charmer*

so, here i was thinking i was going to prettily take all these kinds of outfit photos in exotic thailand.  well, eff that!  sometimes a vacation is just a vacation & you can drive yourself crazy thinking when you’re going to get a picture of what you’re wearing & miss out on the adventure at hand.  so, sorry kids, again no interesting outfit today.  besides, let me share with you a little traveling tip that i’ve employed heavily whenever i travel to asia.  since i know i’m going to shop a LOT, i actually bring over old clothes to wear that i then unceremoniously “forget” in the hotel (i.e. leave it behind) when i’m ready to head back home. hence, i have an empty suitcase to fill with my new purchases & none of this going over the baggage weight limit.  so, unfortunately, all my daily outfits have been nothing to rave about whatsoever.

that being said…let me talk about today’s adventure.  it was the last day of MDH’s conference & i decided to do the “animal” type activities that he has no interest in participating in.  i learned that the queen saovabha memorial institute & snake farm (the largest in thailand was within walking distance from our hotel), so of course i had to check it out.  i wouldn’t say i love snakes, but i’m not afraid of them either & always like a good educational experience that involves animals.  like for example, did you know there are 191 species of snakes in thailand & only 32 are land snakes?  mm hmmm…that’s right, the rest are water or sea snakes.  see, interesting right?  or that king cobras are sometimes white.  i thought they were always black.  fascinating!  well, i bet some of you find it interesting.  the rest of you are probably freaking out that i even touched a snake…hahaha!

i unfortunately misread the schedule & was all excited i was going to watch them actually milk a snake for its venom, as this institute is also the largest for producing anti-venom & distributing to hospitals all around the country.  i missed it :(  instead, i got a photo with my buddy, the ol’ burmese python here.  it’s not riding an elephant, but it’ll do…i guess :)

well, gonna try to take a little disco nap as there are already plans tonight with MDH’s conference buddies.  they are all finally finished & i’ve already met the few that seem like party animals & will want to drink up & enjoy the last hours they have in bangkok that they no longer have to do business.  better rest up for that! 

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