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*christian louboutin at saks fifth avenue in boston*

there have been soooo many events as of late in boston since the conclusion of fashion week & a variety of things to attend & write about.  as a consequence, outfit posts have fallen to the wayside, but shall return soon!  i want to write about another interesting (and quite unexpected) recent experience…

if you know shoes (like i do), then you know christian louboutin.  his red soled, status symbol creations have delighted & inspired stylistas all around the world for decades now.  i myself have a few couple of pairs of loubs that i cherish greatly.  i even have one particular pair that MDH makes fun of me for because i have never worn it outside.  oh, they’ve been worn before…like when i’m at hotel conventions, weddings or events where i don’t have to go outdoors at all & ruin the lovely soles…hahaha!  

so, i knew, just knew the shitshow that was going to ensue when mr. louboutin decided to stop at the saks in boston for a meet, greet & shoe signing :)  yup, the crowds were huge, the line was long & the bitches be crazy!  hahaha!  i’ve never seen so many women wearing loubs all at once & buying even more for the opportunity to have them signed by the shoe god himself!  

since i didn’t feel like spending a thousand hundreds of dollars on this particular day to meet the man himself, i just took photos at the edges of the velvet ropes while trying not to get trampled by the mob of other cell-phones-whipping-out-to-take-photos women. he seemed very genuine & pleased to meet people, shaking their hands enthusiastically & chatting.  i’ll admit, it was quite a moment to be in the same space as one of my favorite shoe designers & nice to bask in his presence…but to be perfectly honest, the foaming-at-the-mouth crowd gave me anxiety that i liken to being in a zombie horde.  i peaced out!!!  it was great to see you in person, monsieur. louboutin, but i’d rather just keep your stiletto’d creations close to my heart (& feet) ^_^

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