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*one shade of grey*

swapped, clothing swap, grey, gray, jumper, romper, dress, ruffles, target pink sandales

OMG…is it possible i could wear a dress of one solid color & no embellishments when all i wear are crazy prints???  hahaha, when it’s 100+ degrees outside & the dress is super short & whisper light, then yeah, kinda have to!  maybe that’s why i threw this long necklace with its colorful beads on at the last minute.  guess i feel incomplete without *some* kind of print…hahaha!  

forever 21 necklace, F21 necklace, beads, enamel, lariat, long necklace

wearing: swapped ruffled dress || F21 necklace || swapped filigree bracelet || boomerangs flat silver bracelet || target pink sandals

target pink sandals, heels, wedges, strappy


*fringe, ruffles, tassles & the golden hour*

another anomalous warm “winter” day in the high 50s necessitated going outdoors & soaking up that late afternoon sun, affectionately known amongst photographers as the “golden hour" for that amazing picturesque glow.  warm enough for one of my favorite kimono jackets & this comfy yet chic (it has pockets!) mini romper dress picked up at yet another awesome clothing swap :)

wearing: LF harvard sq floral kimono fringe jacket & fleece-lined leggings || swapped grey dress || aldo tassel necklace || IT x payless booties

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