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*tiffany & co rubedo blogger event*

i’m super addicted to rose gold these days.  i’ll highlight some of my collection in my next outfit post.  so, when i received the invite (thanks again sami!) from tiffany & co, their new mall at chestnut hill location, to celebrate their 175th anniversary and preview the new rubedo collection (plus a bonus i ended up not working late that night as usual)…i was raring to go!

when i arrived, the store was appropriately decked out quite beautifully in their famous tiffany robin’s egg blue.  after perusing the lovely jewels, we listened to the presentation hosted by the director, patrick mcguinness.  rubedo (latin for “redness”) is a unique, proprietary combination of copper, silver & gold…so much so, that even the staff members don’t know the trademarked blend of the different metals to give that beautiful rosy hue.  the care of rubedo is similar to that of silver due to the suggestion that it will tarnish & oxidize, so wiping with a jeweler’s polish cloth or using proper silver cleaner will restore the shine :)

to especially mark the 175th anniversary of tiffany & co, the bangle above of the tiffany 1837 jewelry line will have the trademarked cursive signature for *this* year only.  every year thereafter, they will still have the bangle but sans signature.  that way, they will always know what year your rubedo came from.  neat, huh?  in case you live under a rock…mother’s day *is* this weekend.  that rubedo bracelet would make quite a special & unique mother’s day gift, don’tcha think?**

**disclosure: this post is in no way directed to MDH. however, if he would like to think me the mother of his puppy & would find this bracelet an appropriate mother’s day gift, so be it…hahaha ^_^

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