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*purple, blue & braids*

colorblock outfit, blue purple outfit, asian floral, hair braids

hi all!  didn’t really mean to do a colorblock outfit today, in fact my clothing was secondary on my list of things to photograph.  if you can’t tell by my instagram or pictures from the other day, i’ve been way more interested in my hairstyles as of late.  

colorblock outfit, blue purple outfit, asian floral, hair braids

obviously, today’s hair inspiration comes from that fan favorite character of game of thrones, the mother of dragons herself.  i’ve been messing with my color the past few months…going blonder for summer, but i’ve also been doing more creative ponytails & braids, just to get all this hair out of the way…hahaha!

colorblock outfit, blue purple outfit, asian floral, hair braids

wearing: target purple batwing blouse || asos navy neoprene skater skirt || h&m x versace asian floral denim jacket || kenneth cole burgundy heels (via marshalls)

colorblock outfit, blue purple outfit, asian floral, hair braids


*a day at the MFA boston part I: the outfit*

i spent an amazing saturday just recently courtesy of the museum of fine arts boston.  so much so that i’ll actually have to break that day up into several posts.  first up, my outfit.  a simple & easy dress for an afternoon of museum meandering :)

wearing: akira chicago red label dress || target tan heels || gifted DIY duct tape bracelet || dooney & bourke clear lunch tote (similar)


*purple reign at the BAAFF*

wearing:  swapped long coat (via the closet) || swapped purple high-low dress (via nicolle) || the glamourai dharma neckplate || JC lita spikes

this was kinda much for a daytime look, but i wore this last week where i was out & about with the boston asian american film festival & then had to go to an awards presentation banquet the same night & no time to go home & change in between.   as i said in my previous post, my kung fu grandmaster was in town to promote his documentary & it was wonderful to spend all that time with him & his family.  even a little bit *more* time than expected since the storm we had in boston canceled their flights.  whoops!  pui chan: kung fu pioneer also won the BAAFF’s documentary audience choice award!  congratulations to the chan family!


*pastel pink & purple*

a while back, wendy brandes, famous, amazing jewelry designer & huffington post blogger, put the call out for what trend bloggers favored more for spring - neon or pastel?  so, oh hey, look who decidedly & definitively showed up in the *neon* column…hahaha! *what* a shock, huh?  i’ve clearly documented my love of neon again & again :)

this cute goodwill dress did let me cross over into the pastel point of view for a bit…but not *too* much.  still gotta throw in some bright & bold magenta plus strong shades of metallic grey, but this will do for today ^_^

wearing:  o’neill dress (via goodwill) || express lavender cardigan || c|a|m & DIY bracelets || skeleton cameo (via ebay) || aldo metallic pumps


*rainy days & ombre never get me down*

i bought this coat years ago.  who knew ombre would be so on trend & popular still?  especially when i see some of the other dip dyed types of coats & jackets out there (asos comes to mind).  i’m once again reminded why i don’t get rid of clothes very often…hahaha!  you never know what will come back in style.  i’m even inspired to dip dye some other pieces of clothing.  well, we’ll see.  i keep adding to the DIY to do list, but never start anything :/

it’s funny though how it’s sooooo NOT functional as a coat.  it’s tissue paper thin, has no lining, is super short & has elbow-length sleeves.  what kinda coat is that?  so, i wear it like a coatdress.  it’s too cute to take off & hang on the rack when i go into the office anyway.  oh hey, it’s also in sync with my ombre hair…talk about matchy-matchy ^_^

wearing:  ombre trench coatdress (copley mall off brand store) || steve madden tights || silver bangles c/o kmart || forever 21 mary janes


*fall tonal color blocking*

as evidenced over the summer, i sure did loves me some color blocking. now that the weather is chillier & cloudier, the super bright colors are no longer appropriate however i still think you can do color blocking whatever the season.  today, i decided to go more tonal with purple on purple.  very easy…probably one of the fastest days i actually got dressed & out the door at a reasonable time. hahaha!

since my outfit is so monochrome, what better way to emphasize these beautiful satin floral pumps from h&m with the most amaaaaaing chunky heel.  thanks again to najeema for the 25% off h&m coupon which made these shoes cheaper than some of the designer brand shoes at payless!

finally, since i seem to be on a roll with wearing the jackets i got from frances rivera’s closet at the boldfacers popup shop, here’s another one :)  it’s the most amazing deep color of purple (which seems hard to capture on camera in the shifting daylight…hahaha), but the ruffly detail around the cuffs & collar are too cool for school.  victorian, prim, proper, but still fun & flirty.  if that even makes sense :)  happy mid-week everyone!


*easy purple dress for a busy news day*

it’s only monday & i’m already EXHAUSTED! between watching the royal wedding to start off my weekend to the late night sunday news of osama bin laden being killed…i’ve been affixed to my TV more in a few hours than i have all last month! it didn’t help that today was a busy work day either.  i had morning & afternoon patients as usual, but unfortunately i had to take a big middle day break to bring my beloved peenut in for his annual exam & shots. he was a very good boy & it didn’t take long, but i had to drive home to get him, drive across town to his clinic & then back home & then back to the office where i didn’t leave until after 8 :( 

boo hoo. anywho, how’s about some outfit details? wouldn’t that be nice? hahaha! the dress is another swap conquest which coincidentally i found out later belonged to one of my best blogger buddies najeema :) the midi length is weird on me since i’m so short, but i don’t want to hem it. instead, i threw on these nude heels from target (my new easy go-to shoe…another friend, kinsey, has the same pair!) to help elongate my shortie legs. to offset the low cut-ness of this dress, this vintage slip with its intricate lace detail is nicer to wear than a plain tank top or camisole. when i go to church rummage sales or thrift shops, i always look for vintage slips & underpinnings which are much better quality & often prettier than what is manufactured today.

even as busy as i was today, i was still able to stop and smell the roses take pictures of pretty flowers while walking my precious puppy. as crazy as the world gets, as long as there are beautiful blossoms & my happy puppy, all will be right as rain :)


*st. paddy’s day color blocking*

since i didn’t blog yesterday, this st. patrick’s day outfit post already seems super outdated. i decided to use the opportunity of fulfilling the “green” requirement so as not to get pinched to also work on my color blocking again. getting better…but i’m still too much of a woosy.  the neutrals are nice to balance the colors, but it’s not FULL-ON color blocking, like susie bubble. the third time i try will be the (lucky) charm…

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