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*mustard & grey in harvard square*

a few weeks ago, i had the TV on, not really watching it, but then a marathon of one of my favorite seasons of project runway started…season 3…with uli herzner.  one of the pieces of her final collection that caught my eye years ago when it originally aired reminded me again how much i loved that combination of colors & how glittery & sexy it was.  i immediately set about looking to buy items to simulate the look.  silly me!  i had essentially all the elements *already* in my closet.  my tones ended up being darker though…more a gunmetal (than glittery silver) grey & more mustard (than camel), but i liked the result.  i’ll still try to find the exact colors to recreate her outfit more accurately…cos i’m anal retentive like that :)

by the way, i was not impressed with the first season of project runway all stars, but since uli is on the second season, i’ll DEFINITELY be watching with more interest.  i just love her designs!

wearing: vintage cape || h&m metallic sweater || cache leather skirt (ebay) || vintage tassel necklace || lela rose for payless ankle strap pumps 

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