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*mixing black & grey print*

weirdly into the ladylike silhouettes this days, i guess, with the more demure & longer length skirts.  am i feeling all right?  hahaha! also, here we go again with more basic tones & not a lot of color.  i’ll be honest that i’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts.  some random weekend houseguests, other people popping into town, unsettled weekend schedules with either going out of town or staying…i hate when my normal routines are pushed off to the side & right now i’m playing a lot of catch up :(  what happened to my lazy, hazy last days of summer?

wearing:  striped top (baclaren, manila) || express floral skirt || swapped earrings || zombie pendant (comic con vendor) || melissa egg wedges


*when in doubt, go with what works*


wearing: forever 21 crochet trim cardigan, express striped silk shirt, forever 21 brown/beige floral skirt, h&m black velvet/gold wedges

i’ll have to admit that catching up on work after 10 days off has me running ragged this week…however i’m oddly busy, yet not.  it’s just catching up on emails & phone calls…scheduling people & fitting appointments in like a jigsaw puzzle…some times fit & some don’t.  once this week passes & i’m back in the swing of things, then i’ll feel less out of sorts.  oh well, at least one of my tried & true strategies of dressing myself in the morning takes that headache out of the entire equation.  decide on pattern mixing (stripes & florals seem to be my favorite), decide on a color palette (or lack thereof when it’s all neutrals of black, brown & beige…hahaha) & there ya go!  certainly not the most inventive outfit, but it works!



*what i would wear to coachella…if i were going*

if you don’t know that coachella is going on right now, you must live over here on the east coast with me…under a rock! naw, i do know about coachella & it sounds like fun & all, but the mega outdoor multi-day music festivals never really appealed to me. i *guess* this is what i would wear that would be the most coachella-appropriate, but i know even this would be too much. what can i say? i’m not a suede fringe vest or denim cutoffs kinda girl :) hahaha!

i tell you what else this outfit was appropriate for wearing though…dinner at max brenner!!! my friends in philly & all our other friends who have ever visited them RAVE about max brenner & i was kinda feeling like the loser who never gets to go where the cool kids hang out :( one *finally* opened in boston! my poor hubby had been laid up in bed last week with a sore back & this was the first date night we had in all that time. we gorged ourselves on mini philly cheesesteaks, mac & cheese, waffle fries & deconstructed smores for dessert! it was ridiculous! my dessert came on a ceramic plate in the shape of graph paper. GRAPH PAPER!!! the nerd in me wanted to bust out the compass & protractor in delight! it was a very fun place & i will DEFINITELY be going again soon! 

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