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*DIY leather paper bag clutch*

as i partake of my huge thanksgiving meal this day like millions of you, i leave you with this DIY project that i had wanted to do for a long time :)  i’ve been obsessed lately with leather bags…but more in regular every day functional shapes, like the ubiquitous bodega bag or the trader joe’s/whole foods paper grocery bag.  something quirky for every day use :)

i had wanted to buy one in the shape of the good ol’ paper lunch bag that we all grew up with & use it like a clutch…similar to the jil sander men’s one, but even if it weren’t sold out, NOT for $630!  plus, this design just begs for a DIY in its simplicity, right?  first step was the hardest part…finding leather.  instead of scouring ebay & paying a premium, i just made a stop at my local goodwill & found the motherload of leather…a men’s 2X size leather jacket in that purrrrrrfect color of paper bag brown :)  all for a measly $8.

next, i found the size paper bag around the house that i found suited my needs.  i carefully tore the seams so i could get the approximate size.  then, i had a perfect rectangle that i handsewn the ends together to make the “tube” part of the paper bag.  now here came the tricky part.  with the smooshy leather, it was tough to “fold” the bag into the shape that i wanted.  so, i ended up folding the bottom part of the bag like i would when i’m gift wrapping a box.  i was satisfied that it achieved the same look that i wanted, so i went with it :)  i glued the seams & left under heavy books just to make it easier & wouldn’t come apart when i finally sewed the flaps to reinforce the bottom.  i put a cut piece of cardboard inside the shape of the bottom to give the bag structure when i finally use it & TADA…my version of the leather paper lunch bag :)  maybe i’ll use it to take home some thanksgiving leftovers…hahaha!  have a great holiday weekend, everyone ^_^

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