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*resplendent in rose gold*

wearing:  hugo buscati white suit blazer || LF store oriental print camisole || forever 21 neon pink bra top || asos pink pleated wide leg pants

in attending the tiffany & co blogger event, i decided to go all out with the whole rose gold theme & put on practically every rose gold accessory i own…hahaha!  why not right?  my philosophy is come high or stay home.  when the director & host of tiffany & co actually complimented me on my rose gold necklace, well then, i knew i made the right decision :)

accessories:  michael kors watch || asos ring band || rose gold/CZ floral cocktail ring || target oval necklace || charlotte russe metallic heels

i know…i know.  i hardly ever wear pants, especially for a night time event.  however, the look came together easily enough & just felt right, plus i was actually comfy with such a loose-fitting outfit for once :)  sorry, i couldn’t help accessorizing as well with the tiffany gift box (containing their commemorative anniversary style book) that we received from our gracious hosts.  that famous robin’s egg blue actually matched some of the colored swirls of my blouse :)  then again, when *doesn’t* a tiffany box compliment any outfit? maybe it’ll be my new clutch or computer case…bwahaha!


*it was “mint” to be*

wearing:  swapped tracy m. silk blouse || express wide leg pants || JPG for target white patent belt || bandolino snakeskin pumps

first of all…i know, i know…i’m wearing pants!  on such a warm spring day like today, you’d think i’d be all over a skirt & bare legs.  to be honest, i’ll have to be on the bus & train later & back at home late tonight & not sure on how chilly it’ll be in the evening, so no bare legs for today.  plus, i wanted to wear this great new swapped (brand new with tags even!) mint green blouse & none of my skirts match  as beautifully as these cream pants :)

accessories:  spike the punch necklace || target watch || ross simons lime quarts cocktail ring || hawaii plumeria gold ring

ironically, i had painted my “other” spike the punch necklace to go with this blouse to be able to wear today.  unfortunately, the mint greens didn’t really match up…the shirt was more seafoam & the necklace ended up more a pure mint green. fortunately for me, the dark teal of these gems still worked :) 

decided to go all out with the mint green by matching my nail polish also.  well, just one hand.  you know how much i like 2 colors for one manicure :)  also, since i cannot *not* have some kind of pattern mixing in my outfit…why not some snakeskin pumps ^_^  tomorrow’s gonna be a super warm mid-60’s kinda day! yippee!!!


*blue pants for a gray day*

yeah, yeah, yeah…i know what you’re thinking.  well, you could be thinking one of two things.  i know, i know…there’s a lot of BLUE in this outfit.  maybe it photographs odd, but it looks great in person, really!  even a couple clients today agreed.  then, again, when i stab people in the neck & back, they tend to say nice things to me…hahaha!  i was happy to find this missoni for target sweater that A) was actually on the nearly empty racks, B) my size, C) in my favorite shades of blue & D) not the same black/brown/beige/peach/baby blue zig zag pattern i’ve seen ad nauseum around the city.  the pretty wavy navy/turquoise sleeves are really textured & of better quality than most of the rest of the target collab.  i never thought i’d end up getting a piece of this collection after the shitshow debacle that ensued when it debuted.

also, i’m sure you’re thinking “pants…pants?  i thought you hate pants.”  well, yes, i do hate pants, but even i had to jump on the colored pants bandwagon, back when i was obsessed with red pants long ago.  so, i had these blue pants made when i was in bangkok & i’m amazed they precisely match some of the blue interwoven in the front pattern of this sweater.  even as a self-professed pants hater, i still have to admit that i’m a new englander through & through & there are some rainy miserable days that you just can’t deal with putting on a dress & trying to look cute.  however, that doesn’t mean you can’t put in some effort, right?  even though it’s dreary out…why would i pair this sweater with some boring ol’ pair of black pants?  so, to heck with it, balls to the wall, let’s go for color! colored PANTS, i say!  


*what i had in common with beyonce*

sorry for the super crappy pic with some heavy duty photo editing to make it look like i meant for it to look like that. ha! ok…so i wasn’t even going to post my outfit for today. too busy running around town to get stuff done before leaving this week. *however* i stupidly made a particular status on facebook, didn’t look at my laptop for the whole day & then it all just blew up! it kinda…sorta…went a little like this…

"lei ann…has something in common with beyonce."

oh lordy…you can imagine how many of my friends were all over that! my bad…my bad completely. i am not pregnant, no how, no way!

the only thing i had in common with beyonce was this. did you catch her singing & dancing on the VMAs last night? when was the last time you remember her wearing pants during a performance? that’s right…it’s always about high waisted panties or sparkly leotards. now that she’s preggo, she’s dressing a little more appropriately. thank goodness.

coincidentally…when was the last time *i* wore pants?  much like with beyonce, i really can’t remember. so, i guess coinciding with my post about finding the perfect pair of pants yesterday & beyonce’s choice of performance wear, i was feeling mad love for pants & decided to wear a pair today, hence the facebook status update. geez…such a long explanation for such a lame statement. never doing that again!


*the ann taylor perfect pants event*

if you’ve followed my blog for even a short period of time, you can pretty much tell that i’m a consummate dress & skirt wearer. being as short as i, it’s always tough to find pants that fit juuuust right without me constantly having a giant “to be hemmed” pile. however, back in my corporate/desk job/office administration work days, i did wear pants a lot and ann taylor had the only pants that ever fit me right & their petite sizes were short enough that i rarely had to hem. to say that they were my “go to” pants back in the day was an understatement.

ironically, as i started thinking of what key pieces i wanted for fall, i was contemplating searching for *the* perfect pair of wide leg trousers.  it’s like ann taylor read my mind!!! just then, one of their social marketing representatives contacted me if i would like to spread the word about their perfect pants event & i was more than happy to oblige! check out their new different styles that flatter every kind of body type such as slim leg, trouser & *of course* wide leg. i actually really enjoyed going through their fit guide and not having to second guess what would be the best style of pant for me. i think the petite curvy (as i’m no skinny minnie) wide leg is going to look great for fall! can’t wait to show you all when i come back from thailand!

ann taylor’s perfect pants event ends on august 31st & customers receive $20 off just for trying on a pair! if that’s not generous enough, they also have a sweepstakes on facebook where they’re giving away $100 gift cards to FIVE fans! maybe you’ll win & find your perfect pair of pants ^_^ 


*i can haz red pants too!*

forgot to post this picture from montreal. dangit…i hate it when i get out of chronological order! i’m such a dork like that. anywho, this is what i wore when we met the bride, groom, friends & family for drinks at philemon bar the night before the wedding. i *finally* got me some red pants at the last swap (with a matching short-sleeved jacket as well)! even though i hate pants, i had to jump on the red pant bandwagon. these actually are high-waisted, fit me quite well, taper nicely at the ankles & are short enough that i didn’t have to hem! perfecto!!! that was a cool-ish night in montreal, so i was glad to have pants & a leather blouse (albeit off the shoulder) that kept me warm enough without having to resort to a coat to cover up my whole outfit. oh & this leopard muff too. that kept my hands warm ^_^

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