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*the colors of house martell*

orange yellow outfit, yellow plaid, cutouts

can i get through one post where i *don’t* mention something about game of thrones?  ahaha!  yup, like everyone else in the world, i’m pretty much obsessed with the show & already mourning the fact there are only 2 more episodes left in the season :(

orange yellow outfit, yellow plaid, cutouts

[SPOILER ALERT]  so, in honor of the fallen prince of dorne, i’m wearing the colors of house martell today.  am i a big TV nerd or what?  hahaha!

orange yellow outfit, yellow plaid, cutouts

wearing;  orange turtleneck & bolero set (super old) || thrifted yellow plaid skirt || lela rose x payless mustard/grey heels

orange yellow outfit, yellow plaid, cutouts


*orange & yellow fall colors*

bcbg yellow sweater, silk sweater, versace h&m skirt, versace leopard skirt, orange, yellow, prada heels

nothing like the change of seasons to have you looking forward to altering the color palette of your daily outfits.  hence, i’m loving browns, yellows & bright oranges to match the turning & falling leaves :)

bcbg yellow sweater, silk sweater, versace h&m skirt, versace leopard skirt, orange, yellow, prada heels

for those of you astute readers who know the versace x h&m collection very well or have this skirt yourself, you’ll know that i’m wearing it backwards.  the pink design element was just “too” much in my opinion, competing with the florals on my sweater.  turned around though, it gave a playful “rear view” to an otherwise boring backside.  hahaha!

bcbg yellow sweater, silk sweater, versace h&m skirt, versace leopard skirt, orange, yellow, prada heels

then, these prada heels i’ve loved forever.  i think they were my first pair of high end designer shoes.  one of my good girlfriends hates the shape & color, but don’t care!  i remember too back then thinking how fancy & high the heel was…bwahahaha!  nothing like the sky-high heels of today, right?

prada heels, prada slingback heels, prada orange, prada brown

wearing: bcbg silk hooded sweater || versace x h&m leopard print skirt || prada orange leather/brown nylon slingback sandals

bcbg yellow sweater, silk sweater, versace h&m skirt, versace leopard skirt, orange, yellow, prada heels


*neon electric orange & green*

green, orange, neon, highlighter, prabal gurung dress, target, black belt, cork sandals, dv, dolce vita

i really wanted to wear these cork sandals today.  kind of a last hurrah to summer.  however, i must still be on a neon high from yesterday, pairing the orange neon trimming of these heels with the fluorescent orange in my dress.  why not?  nice sunny day, some fun plans for this weekend…bright colors to match my happy mood ^_^  have a great weekend, everyone!

wearing: prabal gurung x target colorblocked dress || hawaiian style gold bracelet || DV dolce vita neon orange piping cork sandals

dv, dolce vita, cork sandals, heels, neon piping, neon trim, orange neon


*a day at the MFA boston part I: the outfit*

i spent an amazing saturday just recently courtesy of the museum of fine arts boston.  so much so that i’ll actually have to break that day up into several posts.  first up, my outfit.  a simple & easy dress for an afternoon of museum meandering :)

wearing: akira chicago red label dress || target tan heels || gifted DIY duct tape bracelet || dooney & bourke clear lunch tote (similar)


*the new colorblocking*

i was a big fan of colorblocking waaaaay back in the day…like 2012!  hahaha!  then, it was all about pairing big blocks of color…your blouse, your skirt & your shoes.  i think the spring mix of colors will be like this dress, more a play on form with interesting lines, shapes & patterns instead, but still keeping to a more solid color scheme.  also, it seems *bright*, like neon bright, hues are still legit for the warm weather from what i’ve seen. hooray for that!!! 

wearing: prabal gurung x target mint/orange dress || target sunglasses || UO leather cuff (old) || modern vintage mary jane heels


*the neiman marcus spring trends 2013 fashion presentation*

my good photographer friend, smita, invited me to the neiman marcus boston presentation of spring fashion trends yesterday morning, hosted by anamaria pImental, nm accessories fashion director.  i was only there for a brief time, but got the whole spring story targeting the following upcoming trends :)

1. BLUE - one of the hit colors for the spring is blue…not just cobalt, but turquoise, navy…every hue :)  whether an entire outfit or a pop of the bright color, there are many ways to incorporate blue into your closet.  featured items…cobalt blue saint laurent purse, prada handbag & judith leiber prince william frog minauderie

2.  SHOES - pretty much anything goes here…platforms, pumps, flats, stilettos….studs, colorblocking…it’s all still relevant.  there’s also definitely a resurgent in the “gladiator” sandals from years past.  i think strappy shoes are always in style, so no need to call them gladiators specifically.  featured item…charlotte olympia kitty flats.

3.  ORANGE - another popular color for the spring…whether bold & citrusy or subtle & peachy.  orange is a hard color for me.  i can’t tell if it’s unflattering for my coloring or not.  however i’ll definitely have to try with it being so popular!  featured item…alexander mcqueen dress (similar)

4.  BAGS - bigger handbags seem to be making a comeback, also more multifunctional.  bags with both short handles & convertible longer straps to transition into shoulder or crossbody ease.  as a bonus, get one matching one of the color stories above & voilá…2 trends at once :) featured item…stella mccartney fringe tote bag.

5.  RELAXED CHIC - this i can actually get down with.  clothes that are more comfortable, but you don’t have to resort to yoga pants & hooded zipups.  flowy silk pants, a simple cardigan or vest over fit & flare dresses, unstructured jackets.  i’ve always been down for flared skirts, so glad the trend is catching up to me…hahaha!  also, i’m planning a DIY involving more the “sporty” side of relaxed chic…wait for it…wait for it ^_^

6.  PRINT ON PRINT - *very* glad to see this is still popular.  i’ve been a fan of print mixing from the start.  it can be challenging, but it’s fun!  if it seems too intimidating, think like the photo above, mix a print with texture instead & stick to a simple color scheme.

it was a really fun presentation & i was glad to see what’s hot & upcoming for spring. as a final note, how *CUTE* is my buddy, smita?  i like her photographer stance with heel down & toes up!  talk about having signature style!


*my indian valentine*

last year for valentine’s day, i went for that more va-va-voom bold look in red chiffon & black leather.  this year, i wanted to go more demure & had some pink pieces all set aside.  unfortunately, the perfect pink outfit i had envisioned (to put it in project runway terms) did not translate well once i had put it on.  hence this last minute outfit which i must say, would have been more appropriate for the indian wedding i attended, but still ended up looking pretty good!

even managed to get outside just in time to catch that last glimpse of “golden hour” sun…to perfectly match the sunset colors of my “jacket.”  i say jacket because this was a dress i got from ebay, but did not fit.  luckily, there was a seam that ran right down the middle that with just a quick zip of a seam ripper, converted a too tight dress into a wearable & more versatile jacket :)

wearing: vintage indian jacket/dress from ebay || rodarte x target nude tulle dress || kohl’s nude fishnets || madeline girl platforms

accessories:  engagement ring & substitute band || opal stackable ring || hawaiian style jewelry gold bangles with enameled name personalization || vintage gold tassel necklace (gifted from gma) || LF stores rhinestone snake ring

off now to a late dinner with the ol’ hubby :)  however you celebrated valentine’s day, hope it was lovely!


*sweltering in the south*

wearing:  floral maxi wrap caftan (formerly kristen’s via swap) || target sunglasses || cameo pendant (via ebay) || bebe mesh peeptoe booties

well, here i am…back from my week long trip down south & this is the only outfit photo i took!  hahaha…we all know the dangers of feeling burnout & pressure to post while vacationing, but since this was more of an “on duty” vacation for me & time was very limited even for fun stuff, if i’ve gone a week without posting, oh well, so be it ^_^

maybe later when i have more time, i’ll describe more what i was doing down south, but long story short…one of the sister schools of my kung fu system in tennessee was having a big anniversary performance & i, along with other instructors of the boston school, were invited to perform :)  in addition to doing that, i had a great time seeing tons of friends, other kung fu cousins that i’ve known for years & eating lots and LOTS of barbecue!  i even went ziplining & a “mild” version of white water rafting for the first time!  unfortunately, it was also super hot down south with many 100+ heat index type days (*pant*).  i’m glad that i ended up with kristen’s floral orange & white maxi dress from fiesta swap that despite the long layer, was floaty & airy enough to keep me cool.  *well*…somewhat cool.  the waterfall near this wonderful picnic spot that MDH found for us at a stopover in abingdon, VA also helped a lot :) 


*first stop travel clinic, second stop THAILAND!*

i alluded to my great news the other day & those of you who follow me on twitter or we’re IRL friends on facebook already know what’s up…I’M GOING TO THAILAND! obviously, it’s quite an unexpected trip (as i’m leaving in a little over a week now) but as promised, here are the gory details :)

- about a month ago, MDH said his company was sending him to thailand for a regional conference. of course, i kept doing the *wink*wink*elbow nudge*…you mean *we* are going to thailand, right? right? we both kept laughing about it knowing we just spent a lot of money & time traveling on the west coast this summer & another big trip was just out of the question.

- so, juuuuust when i got thailand out of my system & was ironically making definitive plans for pre-fashion week stuff in new york city, like the twice yearly IFB conference, MDH said, but wait…maybe it *is* possible…

- here’s the breakdown…since all his expenses are paid for AND he had this huge hotel suite he was going to be in all by his lonesome (whatta waste), all we had to do was pay for my airline ticket. prices weren’t horrible. i actually got a fare cheaper than when i went to the philippines last year. *plus* his boss thought it was a great idea that i go since she brings her husband along on trips all the time, but the final decision point was that the timing of the trip necessitated he be away on our wedding anniversary & he thought well, that ain’t right for a husband to be away from his wife on their special day…hence his business trip also becomes an AWESOME anniversary gift for me!

so, now all the plans are set in motion. first on the agenda was a visit to the ol’ travel medicine clinic to get some updated immunizations. so, in honor of thailand, guess that’s why i decided to dress all kinds of exotic-y with pretty flowy patterns & oh hey look, an elephant necklace for good measure! i’m hoping i’ll get to ride an elephant when i’m there!

now, i’ve worked my fair share in hospitals & thought for sure i was only going to have to get a hepatitis A vaccine. that’s the one you should always get or make sure your titer is adequate as it’s food-borne. unfortunately our travel nurse (who was EXCELLENT by the way…great with needles & very knowledgeable & helpful on travel-related questions…even though i go to asia often enough & felt i already knew a lot), decided we also needed a typhoid vaccine. so, i got stuck TWICE! boo hoo. as someone who usually does the stabbing on a daily basis, you can imagine this was quite a change for me…hahaha! no matter, achy arms are quite the small price to pay for a trip to thailand!!!


*minimal dressing in the heat of summer*

*whew* it’s HOT! a flowy dress & strappy sandals are about all i can stand to wear these muggy humid days. even my newly DIY’d necklace is too much…too heavy & too sweaty…around my neck, but i just love it too much & have been wearing it almost every day! 

today’s outfit is possibly the least expensive that i have put together in a while. the dress is from the girl’s section of target ($12). i just loooove an asymmetrical skirt, especially one that’s longer in the back. the shoes were h&m clearance ($7) & the necklace free! under $20 bucks? beat that! speaking of beating, hope you are having more success in beating this heat than i am. *pant*pant* ^_^

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