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*style crush ~ the evil queen from once upon a time*

photo above:  via afterhourstelevision.com 

so, i have the typical style crushes that most fashionable young chickadees have these days…rachel bilson, mila kunis, the evil queen from once upon a time. uh, wait, WHAT???  if you’re a fan of the show like i am, i’m sure it’s because, like myself, you love the modern take & unusual twists that they have done to the fairy tales we all grew up with.  i love crossing over of characters from one story to another…like when snow white was dancing with cinderella or how the evil queen cavorts with the “other” evil queens.  speaking of the evil queen (snow white’s one), her outfits in this show are beyond fantastic!  i’ve been loving her wickedly glamorous regal wear, but this outfit really blew me away.  in this episode, it’s what she’s wearing while riding in her royal carriage…so her “casual” travel outfit so to speak.  isn’t it grand?  i *die* for that embossed leather capelet, the corset that pinches her waist so exquisitely teeny tiny & her voluminous velvet-flocked satiny train (since i have a penchant for anything satin & voluminous…tee hee hee) draped over the leather leggings & boots.  i could do without the huge curly 80s mall hair, but the hat too…fabulous!  not just a queen, but a regal huntress.  *sigh* if i were an evil queen…heck, even a pleasantly sweet, but occasionally mean, plain ol’ acupuncturist just trying to make her way through an enchanted forest, i’d totally wear this!

left photo via imdb & right photo via spoilersguide.com

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