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*the story of my little frog sweater*

frog sweater, crop sweater, neoprene skirt

crop *anything* is going to be very popular for spring fashion. getting a head start on the trend with this old sweater, which admittedly, is not “technically” a crop when it’s a kid’s sweater…hahaha!

but i digress…back to the title of this post.  every now & again i look through craigslist for postings of any estate sales or church rummage sales going on in my neighborhood & surrounding towns.  one day, i found a yard sale that included photos & i fell in love with a $15 lamp.  so, happily on that day, i went & procured said lamp.  this sad little frog sweater was folded up in the corner with other odds & ends & the seller threw it in with my lamp for another $2.  the fact she was a little girly, flirty frog made it all the better :)  hence…the story of my little frog sweater ^_^

frog sweater, crop sweater, neoprene skirt

wearing: kids frog sweater (via yard sale) || asos ivory neoprene skater skirt || target tights || isabel toledo x payless ankle booties

frog sweater, crop sweater, neoprene skirt


*knit & neoprene & cosby show style*

know who my style icon was growing up?  other than alexis colby & those faaaabulous shoulder pads?  it was actually claire huxtable of the cosby show!  not so much her lawyer power suits or her casual sweaters, but every time she wore a big wrap or shawl, i loved it!  i especially flipped for the wrap with fur tails (apologies to people who don’t advocate wearing fur…i’m just giving style credit where it’s due) she wore to get her family painting back in a high end auction, one of my favorite episodes :)

add to that the fact that i grew up in hawaii, so warm weather clothing was a novelty to me.  boots, gloves, scarves, capes, ponchos, anything fur???  even closed toe shoes were nowhere in my vocabulary…hahaha!  maybe that’s why i more than compensate now…aaaaand every time i wear a big ass shawl or wrap…i think i’m channeling the fabulous claire huxtable :)

wearing: ann taylor sweater (swapped) || ann taylor colorblock knit wrap || F21 tights || asos neoprene skirt || pour la victoire triple lace boots


*neon, navy & neoprene*

putting some of my favorite trends together in a primary color kind of palette…although the neon kicks it up a notch!  i remember getting this neon yellow blouse several swaps ago (did you get your swap ticket yet?) & who knew then that neon would be such on the fashion forefront?  see, another reason why swaps are so great :)

wearing: a|x swapped blouse || asos neoprene skater skirt || isabel toledo x payless wedges || DIY friendship/chain bracelets || LF skull bracelet

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