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*happy love for chinese new year*

hello necklace, love necklace, large letter necklace, huge necklace, gold necklace, red, chinese new year, year of the horse

GONG HAY FAT CHOY!  that’s cantonese for HAPPY NEW YEAR!  today starts the new lunar year - the year of the horse :)  i’m not ethnically chinese, but throughout my long kung fu career, i tend to celebrate many of the customs that come along with the territory ^_^  for example, wearing red & gold…always good luck colors for the new year.  also, wearing new things.  this sweater is old, but both the skirt & necklaces are new.  very “happy” that these awesomely huge letter necklaces just arrived from china too (before the whole country shuts down for the holiday), so hey, double dose of good luck!  i just “love” them!  here are some other observances i tend to do (or not do) for chinese new year ^_^  many happy tidings for health, happiness & prosperity in 2014! 

wearing: thrifted red sweater || express tan A-line skirt || happy & love necklaces (via ebay) || simply vera nude fishnet stockings || nine west knee high leather boots (super old - via pennsylvania consignment shop)

hello necklace, love necklace, large letter necklace, huge necklace, gold necklace, red, chinese new year, year of the horse


*DIY neon jewelry*

i’ve been DIY’ing neon jewelry aaaaaallllllll weekend with nail polish.  somebody help me???  not like i need assistance, but as in, i might need to be stopped o.O


*DIY workshop with marimekko fabric ~ boston fashion week*

ok, had fun with alexa chung.  lemme rewind to what happened before meeting her :)  now as part of boston fashion week, there were not only the runway shows and parties and other things you would associate with a fashion week.  at different locations around boston, certain stores & venues were also offering other fun events to be involved in.  one of those was crate & barrel in boston’s back bay.  in honor of its new marimekko section, they held a workshop with marimekko fabric that we could use to DIY necklaces, bracelets, scarves, whatever we came up with!  or if you’re like me…and my fellow DIY crafters, melissa & natalie of the boston day book…even collars or fringe bibs for our dogs!

i just love marimekko fabric!  how could you not?  so colorful & pretty.  so HAPPY!  the staff at crate & barrel had basketfuls of pretty striped & polka dotted fabric already cut up into strips & ready to use!  they were so helpful too…demonstrating how to make everything from simple braids to more complicated fringe necklaces.  some of us (like me) weren’t all that creative & went with simple (or copying what other people were doing…hahaha!).  others (like natalie’s husband) made totally huge & wacky projects that kind of took on a life of its own.  it could be a dog collar or a dog chew toy or a belt for natalie?  who knows?  hahaha!  

it was really fun to hang out with melissa & natalie before heading out on our other later night adventures, as well as talk to other crafters & kind of just get all tangled up in the marimekko fabric!  my final projects were this kind of tapered layered flowering fabric necklace (which doesn’t it look like i just got some old school jump ropes looped around my neck??? hahaha!) as well as this simple braided pink mega chunky friendship type of bracelet.  

but the ULTIMATE DIY project for sure was peenut’s little fringe collar!  isn’t he just stinkin’ cute?!  first, it started off as a bib necklace that he kept dusting the floor as he walked & then it sometimes swung around to his back, like a little shredded cape!  he was such a good puppy too…indulging his mommy quite humorously & not even trying to shake or bite it off!  that’s my sweet little boy! anywho, that workshop was super fun & i’ll keep checking the boston fashion week schedule to see if there are any more awesome events to participate in!

1st photo via natalie of the boston day book; all others via moi ^_^


*all dressed up & stuck at home*

ok…there i was…done working for the week, pretty much wore this maxi skirt all day but decided to switch up my top (to be cooler in this grossly muggy weather) & then also threw on this cabochon neckplate from the philippines (the twin to this one). so, was feeling mighty fine…like all kinda sexy boho chic & all. ready to run outside & take some outfit photos. then BABOOM! yup, that instantaneous crazy thundering & lightning-ing monsoon that we’re seeming to have a lot more lately. jeez…guess i’m staying indoors. it’s like i’m living in florida again :(

ah well…i felt like dressing up since i’ve been living on cloud 9 the past couple days. i have some *GREAT* news to share, but i’m waiting for confirmation on certain things before i spill all the gory details. 

speaking of gory details, *no* i didn’t mean to match my toenail polish (on my weirdly squished toes) to my necklace. it just sorta happened ^_^


*a glamourai-inspired DIY*

i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again. i’m a big fan of kelly framel, aka the glamourai, of both her enviable style & her jewelry designs. i own a few of her pieces, but was perturbed that i wasn’t fast enough to snatch up this particular necklace. i don’t know if it’s the nonpracticing catholic in me that just loves the colorful crosses.

then i remembered a huge chunky necklace that my mother gave me that i liked well enough, but never wore because it had too many little bells on it that annoyingly jingled & jangled with every slight move. it reminded me of that sold out necklace. 

hence…you know me. nothing that a handy dandy DIY can’t resolve. a quick search of colorful stone crosses on ebay. deft & quick use of head pins & needle nosed pliers, replacing the offending bells with the crosses & voila…

using some leftover crosses & skulls (from another DIY project…plus you know how much i loves me some skulls), i also made a quick pair of earrings. ooooo…look who’s getting all fancy & ambitious now! it helped that my power was out for about 4 hours this morning. no electricity = no internet = bored as heck! i had all that time to kill doing these crafty projects ^_^ hahaha!

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