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*lei ann…ON DUTY ~ getting ready for year of the snake!*

in five days, it’ll be chinese new year…lunar year of the black water snake 4711!   from this week on for about a month, the above lion dance costume is pretty much the outfit i will be wearing most of the time…hahaha!  most of our lion dance & kung fu demonstrations are private events, but we (me & other performance team members of my kung fu school) will be doing the traditional lucky chinese lion dance at the downtown crossing macy’s at approximately 2:00 on sunday, feb. 10, the actual day of chinese new year.  if anyone wants to see me in my less than fashionable wear (and shoes with NO heels…gasp!), come on down ^_^


*lei ann…ON DUTY ~ taiwanese independence day*

not really an outfit post…just showing me “on duty” for a change…hahaha!  10/10 is the date of taiwanese independence day & today was very special as it was the 100th celebration of ten ten or double ten as it’s also called, when the republic of china (taiwan) was formed.  since my kung fu school is based in chinatown, we often participate in such community activities that show support for our asian heritage.  we paraded with our chinese lions & dragons from the chinatown gate to city hall plaza, started off the celebration with a performance in front of a 1000-person strong crowd, listened to the big wigs make speeches, paid our respects to the taiwanese flag raising, then watched the other performers like dancers, drumming troupes, etc.  we had gorgeous weather, so even though i had to sacrifice another sunday morning for my kung fu duties…it was a great day to do so :)

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