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*catwoman in the country*

forever 21 bats cats, catwoman sweater, catwoman, all black, leather skirt, spike barrette, spike hair, spike hair accessories, sneaker wedges

still hanging out with my in-laws in pennyslvania :)  even though i always tend to get a little antsy in the country (i.e. suburbs), for this particular visit, i’m actually enjoying waking up late, visiting with other family friends, sitting on a chair crocheting & just eating all the time.  

forever 21 bats cats, catwoman sweater, catwoman, all black, leather skirt, spike barrette, spike hair, spike hair accessories, sneaker wedges

i’m also enjoying kind of more a lax dressing mentality…easy sweaters with catwoman’s face on it (via the forever 21 bats & cats collection) & sneaker wedges for quick dashes to the grocery store.  plus my new DIY spike hair clips to keep my unkempt hair out of my face!  easy peasy ^_^

wearing:  forever 21 catwoman sweater || viparo leather skirt || simply vera tights || DIY spike barrettes || steve madden sneaker wedges

forever 21 bats cats, catwoman sweater, catwoman, all black, leather skirt, spike barrette, spike hair, spike hair accessories, sneaker wedges


*summer leather*

target, print, black, grey, white, high low dress, leather blazer, leather jacket, summer leather, rubber wedges, melissa, ombre hair

all this talk of summer leather couldn’t make me happier. i definitely fell into the trend full force years ago by OD’ing on leather shorts & harnesses & just continued to look for great pieces when i’m out thrifting. this jacket was one of my best finds yet…a boys leather blazer! perfectly tapered, hits me at the hips just right & look…sleeves that aren’t too long! with the weather being so unseasonably cool for august, i’m quite content to have this leather piece in constant rotation :)

target, print, black, grey, white, high low dress, leather blazer, leather jacket, rubber wedges, melissa

wearing: boys leather blazer (via global thrift) || target high-low dress || skeleton cameo (via philly comic con vendor) || melissa rubber wedges

zombie, skeleton, cameo, grey, leather blazer, leather jacket, summer leather, necklace


*last call for leather boots*


long coat…leather boots…in springtime?  the torrential rainfall we had on friday necessitated such drastic change in attire & it was FINE BY ME :)  this outfit is *all* about these leather boots i got severely reduced at an end of season sale.  i didn’t even think i’d look at them until fall.  so, i was practically gleeful i could test run them at least once before they’re put away for good.  oh, they’re everything i wanted in thigh high boots…tall enough yet comfortable heel height, enough stretch to go over my muscular thighs & high enough to wear even under the shortest of my skirts & not peek under.  kind of my reverse way of wearing leather pants, because as you may recall, i hate pants!

wearing: express turtleneck (old) || asos neoprene skirt || cynthia steffe coat ($16 via goodwill) || jeffrey campbell boots (via karmaloop)



*working it with roxy’s grilled cheese at wine riot*

quick outfit post from friday night at boston’s wine riot.  i helped out my friend, james, owner of the roxy’s grilled cheese truck, for the event & learned a lot about something i know *nothing* about…food vending!  i took orders & collected money from the wine-drunk masses while james & my hubby churned out the hot & cheesy goodness.  it was nonstop for 4 hours!!!  i’d help out again, but i need time to recover…hahaha!  

wearing: target deer crop top || roxy’s official t-shirt || viparo black leather skirt || thrifted jewel bracelet ($1) || aldo outlet booties


*DIY leather paper bag clutch*

as i partake of my huge thanksgiving meal this day like millions of you, i leave you with this DIY project that i had wanted to do for a long time :)  i’ve been obsessed lately with leather bags…but more in regular every day functional shapes, like the ubiquitous bodega bag or the trader joe’s/whole foods paper grocery bag.  something quirky for every day use :)

i had wanted to buy one in the shape of the good ol’ paper lunch bag that we all grew up with & use it like a clutch…similar to the jil sander men’s one, but even if it weren’t sold out, NOT for $630!  plus, this design just begs for a DIY in its simplicity, right?  first step was the hardest part…finding leather.  instead of scouring ebay & paying a premium, i just made a stop at my local goodwill & found the motherload of leather…a men’s 2X size leather jacket in that purrrrrrfect color of paper bag brown :)  all for a measly $8.

next, i found the size paper bag around the house that i found suited my needs.  i carefully tore the seams so i could get the approximate size.  then, i had a perfect rectangle that i handsewn the ends together to make the “tube” part of the paper bag.  now here came the tricky part.  with the smooshy leather, it was tough to “fold” the bag into the shape that i wanted.  so, i ended up folding the bottom part of the bag like i would when i’m gift wrapping a box.  i was satisfied that it achieved the same look that i wanted, so i went with it :)  i glued the seams & left under heavy books just to make it easier & wouldn’t come apart when i finally sewed the flaps to reinforce the bottom.  i put a cut piece of cardboard inside the shape of the bottom to give the bag structure when i finally use it & TADA…my version of the leather paper lunch bag :)  maybe i’ll use it to take home some thanksgiving leftovers…hahaha!  have a great holiday weekend, everyone ^_^


*mustard & grey in harvard square*

a few weeks ago, i had the TV on, not really watching it, but then a marathon of one of my favorite seasons of project runway started…season 3…with uli herzner.  one of the pieces of her final collection that caught my eye years ago when it originally aired reminded me again how much i loved that combination of colors & how glittery & sexy it was.  i immediately set about looking to buy items to simulate the look.  silly me!  i had essentially all the elements *already* in my closet.  my tones ended up being darker though…more a gunmetal (than glittery silver) grey & more mustard (than camel), but i liked the result.  i’ll still try to find the exact colors to recreate her outfit more accurately…cos i’m anal retentive like that :)

by the way, i was not impressed with the first season of project runway all stars, but since uli is on the second season, i’ll DEFINITELY be watching with more interest.  i just love her designs!

wearing: vintage cape || h&m metallic sweater || cache leather skirt (ebay) || vintage tassel necklace || lela rose for payless ankle strap pumps 


*the yin & yang of fashion*

kind of a boring outfit i must admit.  blah dark colors, no billowing shapes or silhouette, no interesting details. well, except for the lace…thank goodness at least for flowery, delicate lace.

oh, & again, as i typically do…how do i marry that subtle & diaphanous lace?  with some monstrously strappy, sky high black leather wedges.  hahaha!  ah well…fits into my whole chinese medicine background/martial arts study quite well.  to have softness, you need the hard.  beauty & then the beast! the yin & the yang ^_^

wearing:  rodarte x target lace blouse || american apparel grey dress || asianicandy lotus necklace || jessica simpson gladiator wedges


*hello kitty pink & gothic leather black*

oh hey, since i wrapped up the events of the goodwill blogger night, how about some outfit details as well?  hahaha!  this is what i wore.  i’m a big fan of nude & black…or cream & black…or beige & black…you get my drift.  although tonight, the whole *pink* & black thing all came together kind of weirdly unexpectedly o.O

i really wanted to wear my pink hello kitty tights & was surprised how well it matched the pink leather of my new litas (the cleata as in “clear lita” to be precise…although i think it’s a god awful name for them).  the combination of transparent (which i obviously love) with pink leather all wrapped in the usual jeffrey campbell hotness…i could never resist :)  so, all of that craziness, plus the hello kitty tattoo logos on my legs & the sharp lines of my necklace, i decided to keep the rest of the outfit all in black, just so i don’t look too cray cray.  i ended up really liking the look!  then again, hello kitty & jeffrey campbell were involved…how could i not ^_^

wearing:  black no-name sweater || viparo leather skirt || hello kitty x F21 tights || jeffrey campbell pink cleata || thrifted geometric necklace


*foodie sunday*

it was *crazy* today & absolutely, 100% of it was devoted to food…hahaha!  first off, had dim sum down in chinatown with the kids from the BUKFC since it was their last week before final exams/end of semester/graduation. ahhhh…to be in college again.  NOT!  then, i went to buy a whole mess of cookies to make a ginormous gift basket for the staff of peenut’s animal clinic (since they basically saved his life).  finally, concluded the day with 2 new (to me) food truck runs…mei mei street kitchen (loved the fiddlehead fern tempura & the chinese version of sugared churros) & the taco truck near harvard square (fried avocado tacos!)…yummmmm!  good thing this dress has a stretchy elastic waistband for all the good eating! *burp*

wearing:  striped dress (from random NYC canal street shop) || thrifted leather boys blazer || koan cardigan (swapped) || JC lita spikes


*sporty spice*

i can’t say that i jump on every trend that is seen on the fashion landscape. peplums? on my hips? no way.  orange?  meh.  i could take it or leave it.  however, as an athletic girl, varsity jackets are something i can *definitely* get on board with :)  

this jacket is a great thrift find.  it’s a boy’s jacket, so fits me precisely right.  the sleeves are the perfect length.  there are no annoying logos or letters on it.  contrasting sleeves, quilted leather, ribbed wrists & collar, neutral colors.  it’s the epitome of looking sporty, yet not like i’m going to the basketball/baseball/football game :)  sneaker wedges on my feet to go along with the sports theme & it’s a winning look ^_^

armani exchange dress (swapped) || thrifted boys leather jacket ($8) || LF stores leggings || thrifted belt || sneaker wedges (via marshalls)

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