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*new jewels in the snow*

jewelry, accessories, BCBG fur headphones, spider pendant, spider necklace, wicked peacock necklace, wicked peacock bracelet

i decided to take advantage of all the snow days i already seemed to have accumulated this very short year so far & showcase some of my recently acquired accessories :)

1.  bcbg fur tech earmuffs. i love 2-in-1 accessories, especially when combined with both style & function.  yes, you can take the wire/cord off to be used as just earmuffs :)  i actually bought these for the headphones purpose, but with the negative temperatures we’ve been having in the boston area lately, the ear warming function is much appreciated!

2.  spider pendant from a random vendor at supermegafest.  my darling husband bought it for me since i was carrying no cash in my costume :)  i like this spider as it reminds me of the cane spiders i grew up with in hawaii.  if you saw the size of those suckers that i had to constantly contend with coming into my house (even carrying their egg sacs), you know why i have no fear of weeny spiders here on the mainland ^_^

3.  wicked peacock cage bracelet & art deco necklace.  i love the snake chain of the necklace, so luxe, heavy & different.  it perfectly accompanied the grid-like matte gold cuff for an evening out :)  wicked peacock’s brick & mortar store is located in rockport, but i was lucky to buy these very affordable items from silvana herself when i ran into her at a local holiday fair!  hope your new year so far is also looking special, sparkly & bright!

jewelry, accessories, BCBG fur headphones, spider pendant, spider necklace, wicked peacock necklace, wicked peacock bracelet


*sneak peek skiler love jewelry & papercut magazine*

wearing:  express wool tube top (itchy!) || viparo leather skirt || skiler love jett chain || jewelmint horse cuff || buddha bead bracelet from china

i was recently photographed for skiler love's jewelry lookbook & a quick interview for papercut magazine.  the article will debut later in november, but just thought i’d share a quick peek of our photo shoot!  when i saw the jett body chain, i knew i would absolutely love it!  i’ll link to the article when it finally comes out, but in the meantime, peruse skiler love's website & enjoy 10% off any $30+ purchase with the code OFFDUTY until 1.01.13 :)  don't get the jett chain though…i've already called dibs!  hahaha!


*new online shop alert ~ covetous creatures*

in honor of my dear friend’s birthday *AND* the fact she just opened up her new online shop featuring some of her beautiful custom made horse hair jewelry, today’s post is entirely dedicated to HOLLY of covetous creatures!  you may have seen holly around…she is the ethereal, ghost-haired beauty that pops up in my photos every now & again :)  oh hey, what’ya know…she also appears in the TBA lookbook on a little ol’ shopping website you may have heard called SOLESTRUCK?!?!  i’m a big fan of her personal style & creative sensibilities…so i’m sooooo happy she’s gracing the rest of the world with her design aesthetics!  in fact, i’m loving my new pendant so much, i don’t even think of it as horse hair, but some strands of holly’s own lovely locks.  oh dang….that was creepy of me to say, huh?  hahaha!  anywho, check out her new shop (and her blog) to be inspired & awed!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOLLY (with plenty of bunny rabbits & glitter)!!!

*of note, i was not asked to write this post. just showing love & support for one of my BBBB (bestie boston blogger buddies)!*


*DIY neon jewelry*

i’ve been DIY’ing neon jewelry aaaaaallllllll weekend with nail polish.  somebody help me???  not like i need assistance, but as in, i might need to be stopped o.O


*persona: atelier minyon jewelry trunk show*

i, along with the usual bloggers in crime, were very kindly invited by dustin of persona jewelry in boston to an exclusive event on tuesday night. per the facebook invite…

**We are proud to host SoHo designer, Alp from Atelier Minyon as he presents his exquisitely unique, hand-crafted pieces for your viewing pleasure. He has NEVER shown in Boston before, so you have the exclusive opportunity to see these pieces before all your friends.**

it was really a fun night & let me tell you…alp’s pieces were amaaaaazing!!! my favorites were the gem-encrusted skulls. admittedly, they’re not the kind of jewelry that would appeal to everyone, but once again, as you all know, i do likes me some skulls ^_^

anyway, let me back up & start from the beginning. upon first arriving, i was immediately greeted by & felt quite welcome by the creative director, dustin, who’s truly a renaissance man in full name & title. not only did he organize us bloggers to attend, but he made all this gorgeous & delicious food!!! i could NOT stop pigging out!

plus there were plenty of wine & berry champagne cocktails to go around. if you were lucky & stayed around longer in the night, then also tequila shots with the russians…which i did *not* do! (it was a school night after all)…hahaha!

then, of course, the usual blogger hangout partners. the always beautifully blonde, neira, who wore a gorgeous “hippie” style dress of bright blues, turquoise & orange. hmmm…that color combo seems faintly familiar…hahaha! of course, you recognize najeema who frequently makes appearances on ye ol’ blog & whose arm party meticulously matched her flowy blouse. bet you didn’t think i noticed, did’ja? *of course*…i love such outfit details & duly noted it ^_^ i also hung out with marissa & holly but sadly did not get pictures of their outfits which were equally lovely :(

anywho…back to the JEWELRY! if i had ukubillion dollars, these pieces would be on my overly tanned extremities faster than white on rice! the web cuff was actually worn by brooke shields, but that spider & web ring was my absolute favorite! i can’t even call it a ring…it’s more like a finger cuff. look how it goes all the way to my knuckle. LOVES!

finally, on a funny note, if i’m the shortest fashion blogger in boston (i gotta be right?) then of course i’m some day destined to meet the tallest one! it’s just my karma. this is kacy…all 6 foot 4 of her. yup, she’s a full foot and a half taller than me O.O she’s very sweet & personable & we both thought it’d be funny to take a giant woman eating me type of photo. although, i have to wonder…every time i wear this dress, do i always end up making that kinda face? hahaha!

many thanks again to dustin, margarita, gary & the rest of the persona team for a truly lovely evening!!!


i’m usually not one to *gripe* about my life as compared to a lot of what’s going on in the world, i have NOOOTHING to complain about however i had the crappiest friday i can remember in a long time.

point #1: i pretty much check my online banking account every few days. i forgot about 2 stupid charges that sent my balance into negative, so i got hit with not one, but TWO overdraft charges. fuck me & fuck that $70 bye-bye :(

point #2: i went to get my hair colored & the salon i usually go to (which i actually hadn’t been to in months since i last got my hair done in the philippines) & color me *shocked* to be faced with an empty storefront & a “for lease” sign up. FML yet again. i’m going to NYC next week & this was the day i had allotted the time to sit for the couple of hours to get my hair did. in desperation, i even called the mall salon to see if they could take me. no, not for a few hours. *sigh*

so, i did the only thing i could. i went to the thrift store next to my former salon that had been my routine for years. get hair done…go thrifting. i drove all that way anyway…can’t just turn back & go home :( so the *only* good thing about that shitty day was the jewelry i found! they NEVER have good jewelry in the case, but BAMMM! look at the awesome house of harlow-eseque necklace, mother of pearl & peacock earrings in the same color palette. then the goldtone hardware with 2 massive necklaces & a brooch! the best part…earrings & brooch $3 each & the necklaces $6 each. thank heavens for cheap vintage jewelry & the only good thing to happen to me that day!

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