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*i’m watch - fashion review*


I seem to be on a watch review kind of run lately :)  I have several watches even though I don’t wear them very often.  I like using watches as another type of jewellery…another way to express myself :)  Since I portray myself as both a lover of fashion & the latest tech gadgets, this was the perfect item to check out…the I’m Watch from Italy.  As a kid, I was not really a James Bond fan, but more of a fan of all the gadgets he got…pens that were mini guns, spy camera glasses & remote control of his car from his watch.  Well, the I’m Watch isn’t quite as sophisticated (yet), but I can get the most popular of the Android apps I love on my phone or tablet…all quite handy (pun intended) on my wrist…hahaha :)


I like that the watch itself is pretty streamlined & sleek with a huge face…just like a men’s watch.  It came with just one cable, a standard 3.5 mm jack to USB.  I also like that.  Don’t you hate it when your gadgets come with way too many cables you won’t use?  I can connect the watch to my phone or any device with Bluetooth capability.  I can also access all my apps via the cloud, so i don’t have to unnecessarily tap out everything on the little interface.  I have to admit, it’s quite a nifty little gadget.  The menu & how to navigate about seems pretty intuitive, yet luckily all the manuals & guides are online since I can’t seem to get all the settings quite right just yet.  Once I play more with it, I’ll decide how really functional & useful it is in my day-to-day life, but so far, it’s really cool!  I’m really looking forward to taking calls on it through my paired Bluetooth phone, so it will be great while driving or just when i don’t want to hold my phone!  Talking into my wrist.  Can you imagine?  That’s as close to being James Bond as I’m going to get!  Hahaha!


**Disclaimer:  i was compensated by I’m Watch for this post, but opinions are 100% my own.

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