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kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels

i like a classic silhouette sometimes when i dress for the day…but always with a twist.  this ladylike look seems very proper, very 50s housewife with the full skirt dress & cardigan, don’cha think?  you know me though.  gotta “edge” it up just a little bit *wink*wink*

kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels

hence, the unconventional teal, grey, burgundy & hot pink color & pattern combination to this dress…the sweet, yet studded cardigan…the classic mary jane heels in patent leather burgundy…and finally, *of course* my very traditional cameo pendant…of a lady’s skull.  hahaha!

kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels

wearing: thrifted kimchi blue dress || swapped koan short-sleeved cardigan || skeleton cameo pendant (via ebay) || thrifted bracelet || kenneth cole reaction heels (via marshalls #fabfound gift card)

kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels


*dip dye white hot/hot pink*

wearing: dylan & rose high low tank || target girls dip dye skirt || thrifted braided belt || le sport sac bunny print bag || target pink wedges

ombre, dip dye, two tone…whatever you call it…is a trend i’m certainly not getting tired of any time soon, if it isn’t blatantly obvious :)     

accessories:  white bead bracelet (manila, baclaren shopping area) || LF stores single skull bracelet || skeleton cameo pendant (via ebay)

ditto for skulls.  i wear skulls all the time & i love it!  i’m going to be a little(r) hunched over 80 year old lady & *still* wearing skulls on my wrists…or skulls around my neck…yeah, that won’t be going away any time soon either.  hahaha!


*ego & greed hot pink neon boots*

nothing interesting about my outfit at all today *except* these hot pink neon beauties :)  a conquest from the infamous solestruck black friday mad sale (lucky me), plus i never had trouble checking out my shopping cart like other chicas did.  BTW…if these look powerfully bright in the photo, oh man, they were more like neon beacons in the night.  i caught myself in a mirror walking around downtown earlier & yeah, powerfully bright…yeah…


*lilies for lei ann*

i didn’t expect to do a post today. i’m trying to get some things done before my parents come back into town from montreal. *however*, my client from this morning (who is a professional gardener) gave me this HUGE & GORGEOUS bouquet of oriental lilies from her garden, i couldn’t believe how much the colors matched my ensemb…hot pinks, white & smatterings of yellow! how could i not do an outfit post now? 

the smell of these lilies is just incredible! my bedroom is now intoxicating perfumed heaven! my poor husband. he’ll probably gag when he gets home. also, look at the white one with yellow inner stripes…it’s as big as my head! this, beautifully cool, sunny weather & now going out to dinner tonight with a friend unexpectedly dropping in to town. what an awesome start to the weekend!!! hope yours is shaping up to be a great one too ^_^


*me & my missoni*

yes, *still* stifling a laugh from miss crazy najeema. i did want to concentrate on the particulars of my outfit though so i could give proper credit.

i met ashley of tratutti.com actually quite a while ago & love the concept of her online consignment store. not only does she sell high end brand name designer clothing (most new with tags!) but also 20% of each goes to charity (which you can pick at checkout). there’s really no excuse not to buy…it’s win-win all around! 

i’ve been a fan of missoni ever since i learned how to knit & have coveted owning one of their iconic zigzag striped pieces. it ain’t cheap though! so when i spotted this beautiful cardigan on tratutti, i had to snap it up! it’s such a wonderful silky drape to it & i love the hippie boho feel. (on a side note, can’t WAIT for the upcoming missoni x target collaboration!!!)

at the time i decided to buy this cardigan, *fortunately* for me, ashley was running an additional 50% off select items & this was one of them! so check it…this brand new, tags still on, M missoni cardigan that originally retailed for $595, marked down to $179, additionally marked down to $100 & then with the 50% clearance, only $50!!! insane huh??? i’m a thrifty bargain hunter, but even i was like “dayuuuuuum!” so i definitely recommend everyone to check out tratutti.com & you too may just find your perfect piece of couture! 

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