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*holiday party with the clinton foundation in NYC*

watching the golden globes the other night, i was surprised just like everyone else when former POTUS, bill clinton, unexpectedly appeared as a presenter for best movie nominee, lincoln!  it reminded me…holy crow…i never posted my outfit from when i attended the clinton foundation holiday party in NYC almost a month ago.  thank you for the reminder, mr. president…hahaha!

wearing:  erin fetherston cape sleeve dress (similar)|| vintage glass bead necklace || gold clutch (c/o the haberdash) || NYLA gold/mesh heels

it was a super fun night out at espace in NY.  as with any party you would expect hosted by a former leader of the free world, the food was over the top, the drinks were free flowing & the DJ top notch!  also a dessert bar with many macarons & a PHOTO BOOTH (p.s. i love photobooths)!  

mr. clinton even graced the crowd with a short, but lovely speech & was very patient to chat briefly during photo ops!  he is such a warm & inviting individual, so gracious with his time…no wonder i look so smitten!  he has done amazing things for our country & continues to do so for the entire world.  lovely meeting you (again), mr. president!

all photos property of leiann…off duty


*holiday party with former president bill clinton!*


FINALLY…here’s why i was in NYC for such a quick visit this past weekend…got to meet the former POTUS himself…BILL CLINTON!!! what?!?!  i can still hardly believe it myself!!!  it took place at the beautiful dream downtown hotel in the meatpacking district. 


so, if you follow me on twitter, you probably saw all my stress tweets from last week.  since i was invited to the NYC holiday party for the clinton foundation (disclosure: MDH’s employer), i was going *nuts* over what i would be wearing!!!  i finally decided on this full length zac posen for target gown that i bought sooo long ago & never thought i’d have an occasion to wear, but lo & behold, it sure came in handy at the right time!  however, i was so stressed because i had to hack 5 inches off its complicated fishtail hem & only had a time span of 2 days to do it O.O  i sure had some project runway moments there, but i finished it!


so, it was kind of a typical work party…free wine, passed apps & like eleventifrillion people clamoring around president clinton & trying to get a picture with him.  oh wait, ok, maybe not a typical work party…hahaha!  it was just fun to be in the same room with him & even saw chelsea briefly during the event, but i spent most of the time chatting with MDH’s work colleagues that i’ve met before, making friends with new ones & generally having a goody ol’ time.  then, just like that…the ball was over, time to take my pretty gown & glittery shoes & shake it on home (which in this case was my friend’s midtown apartment).  all in all, a GREAT night ^_^



*the asos fall/holiday preview at the ames hotel*

i’m a big fan of asos…who isn’t? in fact, when i decided to revamp this ol’ blog here, it was my asos coat that i decided to feature in my debut post. soooooo…when their senior director of fashion PR contacted me about coming by the ames hotel in boston to preview the fall & holiday collection, i *jumped* at the chance! like literally (there was an earthquake here in boston today apparently while i was at the hotel but i didn’t feel it…hahaha)! guess all those gorgeous shoes & clothes already knocked me off my rocker ^_^

first of all, the layout in the ames hotel was very lovely. kevin & austin kindly greeted me & had yummy fruit, pastries & other brunch-y items waiting. the clothes & accessories were all laid out & presented very cozily, very intimate, living room style. *of course*…i zeroed in on the shoes first. already familiar with asos’s website, i knew they always had a premium selection of the footwear i most favor…chunky, high platforms in bold colors…and this preview did NOT disappoint! see those very miu miu-esque glittery booties & sandals? oh come holiday time, they WILL be mine…oh yes!

once i was done drooling over my future babies the shoes, kevin was nice enough to walk me through the collection & point out the hottest items for the fall & winter. their collection of coats & other outerwear is always off the chart…more fitted, more architectural, more unique than any other frumpy coats you’ve ever worn…promise! thankfully, seems like leopard & printed blouses (especially those of animal silhouettes) are going nowhere any time soon. i don’t know about you, but i still loves me some animal print & it would never go out of style for me :) one item i really loved was the “najavo” dress. now, i know tribal & ikat were popular for summer & this kind of native american print seems well suited to transition & mute those types of favored bright patterns quite appropriately into fall. absolutely love it!

what i really love most about asos though is that with the eleventibillion products on their website, you’d be hard pressed to find yourself at an event with another bitch girl wearing your same outfit. i like how i’ve never (even on other blogs) seen anyone with my asos coat! know how many times a day when i wear a certain skirt (from a certain very large fast fashion megastore) out, i hear, “oh i have that same skirt”? not fun. shoes *however* are a different thing. i’m already shoe twins with several of my blogger friends & when they see this awesome shoe gear when they preview the asos collection for themselves, i have a feeling in a few short months, we’ll all be sporting the same glittery platform gloriousness! hahaha!

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