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*black florals & yellow shoes*

i don’t know if it was the cloudy day or the light was odd the early afternoon that i took this picture, but the color cast seems to be a bit off & a tad overexposed.  i ended up liking the photo though.  in this weird “instagram-y” world we live in, it’s almost odd *not* to see a photo with some type of kooky filter applied to it.  am i right?

or, maybe i’ve been used to my pear tree behind me being so bare of leaves all winter that now the brilliant display of green is throwing off my camera…hahaha!  no matter, it’s spring & we welcome all the green & other super bright colors ^_^

wearing: thrifted black dress || calvin klein belt (via second time around) || versace x hm jean jacket || IT x payless yellow wedges


*the h&m dolce & gabbana style dress*

even with fresh snow still here on the ground in new england, happy first day of spring!  h&m is having a great clearance sale right now…half off already reduced items.  this originally $25 dress i snagged for $5!  however, it wasn’t the incredibly low price point that got me…but rather the design reminded me of the 2012 collection from my favorite designers…dolce & gabbana.  i don’t know what it is about old world italian floral print that speaks to me, but it sure does!

coincidentally, this dress also has that "mirror" or "kaleidoscope" pattern trend that seems to be on the rise these days…also evoked by my PB x target sweatshirt.  whatever…it’s bright, it’s colorful & especially on this still windy & chilly “spring” day, i’ll take it!

wearing:  h&m floral print long-sleeved dress || h&m gold collar necklace || c/o kmart black tights || isabel toledo x payless booties 


*sold out items*

i was lucky enough to score 2 *big ticket* & HIGHLY desirable items last week that within minutes of their being available, sold the heck out!  hooray!

1.  i love my tech as much as i love my shoes. the nexus 4, google’s latest smartphone, was selling within minutes of being online worldwide.  hence, when USA sales began, i was there like a fiend, refreshing my computer screen & tablet at the same time & was lucky enough to score not 1, but 2 phones.  don’t ask for the extra phone though…my hubs already called dibs :)

2.  the next item, took much less work :)  blogger pal, najeema, lucked out at the maison martin margiela x h&m debut & got the silver candy wrapper clutch for herself & an extra for me!  it was definitely the most coveted item of the collection because even when i perused h&m later on, there seemed to be plenty of the clothing, shoes & other accessories but NO more clutches to be found. WINNING!


*6 foot, 7 foot, more like 5 foot BUNCH!*

anyone else as obsessed with youtube darlings, karmin, like i am? i’m amazed by amy’s ability to spit rhymes…it’s incredible! she’s so fast & she can do it in one breath! plus they’re from the next town over from me here in mass. my favorite cover that they do is the chris brown/busta rhymes “look at me now" but i’m also loving their version of the song made famous from beetlejuice “6 foot 7 foot 8 foot BUNCH!

well, that was quite an intro just to highlight my outfit today huh? i saw this dress (which is more like a cover up since it was with the bathing suits) at h&m & thought immediately (again) of prada 2011. guess that collection has really been my inspiration lately huh? cos why else would i wear a bunch of bananas? hahaha! i’m also obsessed with clear bags & got this dooney & bourke clear lunch bag tote at the outlets while down here in florida. i adore (& much prefer) how this one is completely clear with raised lettering vs. with colored initials like i’ve seen elsewhere on the interwebs.

this photo was taken during my last day in florida visiting my family. can’t believe i went from perfect 70 degree sunny weather back to miserably cold, foggy & rainy boston in the same day :( good thing i brought my more “tropical” wear down south. who knows if i’ll ever get to wear anything sleeveless in boston any time soon :(


it’s been a great casual lazy day today. went for dim sum in chinatown which i hadn’t had any since china last july (it took me a looooong time to be able to eat chinese food again after *that* trip…hahaha). then did some shopping around c-town, bought the perfect fabric to complete a DIY project, had pizza for dinner & now watching the dawn of the dead remake. isn’t this what sundays are for?

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