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*hello monday*

hello kitty cardigan, black dress, black sneakers

starting the week off with all things familiar & comfortable for me…hello kitty, some zombie cameo action plus trusty ol’ sneaker wedges.  you know, just to ease into it, ya dig?

wearing; F21 x hello kitty bow & face cardigan || target black dress || skeleton cameo pendant (via ebay) || steve madden sneaker wedges

hello kitty, zombie cameo, skeleton cameo pendant


*hello kitty pink & gothic leather black*

oh hey, since i wrapped up the events of the goodwill blogger night, how about some outfit details as well?  hahaha!  this is what i wore.  i’m a big fan of nude & black…or cream & black…or beige & black…you get my drift.  although tonight, the whole *pink* & black thing all came together kind of weirdly unexpectedly o.O

i really wanted to wear my pink hello kitty tights & was surprised how well it matched the pink leather of my new litas (the cleata as in “clear lita” to be precise…although i think it’s a god awful name for them).  the combination of transparent (which i obviously love) with pink leather all wrapped in the usual jeffrey campbell hotness…i could never resist :)  so, all of that craziness, plus the hello kitty tattoo logos on my legs & the sharp lines of my necklace, i decided to keep the rest of the outfit all in black, just so i don’t look too cray cray.  i ended up really liking the look!  then again, hello kitty & jeffrey campbell were involved…how could i not ^_^

wearing:  black no-name sweater || viparo leather skirt || hello kitty x F21 tights || jeffrey campbell pink cleata || thrifted geometric necklace


*simplifying with clean lines part 2*


talk about simplifying! i didn’t think i’d wear another mostly white outfit with black lines/piping *this* soon…haha!  my clear trench coat was such a hit yesterday with my friends & with it still being rainy, yet warm enough for such a thin cover up…wanted to showcase it for today!  hence, the all white outfit underneath to further emphasize the clean, sharp lines.  i love clear umbrellas, so when i saw the runway photos of the *clear* rain coats during the burberry show last year, i flipped out!  how cute…how outrageous…and how unattainable!  so of course when i got wind that forever 21 was putting out their own version (collaboration with the hello kitty brand…my fave…no less), i knew it would be mine! it’s definitely fun to wear, although i could never ninja up behind people like i usually do with it’s noisy crinkly-ness…hahaha!  still, isn’t the black piping a hoot? it’s almost like i’m wearing a drawn in stick figure version of a coat than an actual piece of clothing. well, with this fun take on a trench coat…rainy days will *never* get me down ^_^

wearing: forever 21 x hello kitty trench coat, express white button down, ann taylor white skirt, isabel toledo for payless black booties



*horsing around in home goods in hello kitty*


merry christmas eve everyone!  today was spent last minute xmas & grocery shopping with the husband back in good ol’ pennsylvania where we’re spending the holidays with his family.  we got a LOT accomplished, but the day would have been much more successful if i was allowed to bring this *awesome* pony home :(

casual shopping day called for casual wear…this hello kitty x forever 21 long cardigan, leggings & my new faves, the shoemint leopard wedges that i’ve now broken in to be ultra comfortable.

the rest of the day was spent putting the decorations on the tree, preparing the dinner table for family friends arriving tomorrow, some christmas chili & lotsa red wine.  right now, i’m writing up this blog post while waiting my turn at scrabble & listening to my MIL & MDH bickering over “real” scrabble words…which is what we go through every year.  ahhhh…holiday traditions don’cha love ‘em?  hahaha!



*hello kitty fever…i haz it*

i’m a sucker for hello kitty…and no, not cos it’s hip or cool now, but because i grew up with her (& her friends) as a kid.  i think living in hawaii & being closer to japan than the rest of the US, that kinda cutesy stuff was just always around.  i remember having the little plastic jewelry boxes for my little plastic hello kitty jewelry, the little combs, brushes, hand mirrors.  you name it!  i even proudly carried my lunch my senior year of high school still in a nylon hello kitty lunch tote.  still got it, in fact…it’s in a drawer holding marking pens & colored pencils :)  

fast forward to an adult…nothing’s changed.  come to my house & i’ll likely cook you rice with my hello kitty pink rice cooker or make you hello kitty face shaped pancakes :)  i even have the ultimate tribute…a hello kitty tattoo ^_^  so *of course* i’ve been all over the hello kitty collection for forever 21 that just came out!  there’s a lot of the t-shirts & leggings & stuff that look very tweeny, but thankfully there’re cardigans (like this one) & sweaters that are appropriate for us more *cough* mature ladies.  LOVE IT!  i’ll be an 80-year-old woman & wearing a hello kitty muu-muu & sporting a hello kitty walker…hahaha!

also, another recent find is this great tortoiseshell (well, really plastic) cuff watch.  i love the bold goldtone face & easy on & off hinged design.  even if it dies soon or the battery goes kaput, it’ll still look good as a bracelet.  not bad for $16.99 at target, huh?

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