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*one florida trip…several outfits*

i was in florida this past weekend for two very special occasions.  first off, my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary which my brothers & i were able to successfully throw a surprise dinner for them & 40 family members & friends.  it was the perfect surprise!  my parents never even knew we were in the state at all & my mom wouldn’t stop crying, she was so happy!  SUCCESS!  party #2 was the baby shower for my niece coming in march.  i was able to surprise my sister-in-law there with the baby stroller she wanted, plus i gave a hello kitty blanket (of course).  no time to take proper outfit photos, so here’s an amalgamation of what i wore the past few days :)  

anniversary dinner:  erin fetherston butterfly cape sleeve archive dress (similar)

baby shower:  h&m striped sweater & neon striped skirt

other dinners/outings: h&m glitter cardigan, viparo leather skirtmagenta sequined cardigan, & asianicandy shredded heart sweater


*crazy cat lady*

i had actually ordered this sweater almost 2 months ago…before the new year started…even before valentine’s day was nary a thought on anyone’s mind.  i thought i’d wear it now instead of in a few days because…well, you know…i’d hate to be that obvious or anything :) plus, i’ve never been able to resist a finely shredded sweater…especially when i didn’t have to do the shredding myself XD 

also, took my hard fought & won cat tote bag out for her first walk outside today.  of course, don’t tell peenut though.  wouldn’t want him to get jealous :)  is everyone looking forward to their weekends?  i’ve got some exciting plans for the next couple days…& when i mean exciting, i mean it all centers around food!  more on that later ^_^

wearing: asianicandy heart sweater || anna sui for target skirt || target watch || jason wu for target tote || christian siriano for payless booties

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