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*japanese silk jacket with thigh high boots*


the other day when i mentioned goofing around & taking pictures with renata after the sartorialist signing…this is what i meant :)  it’s always nice to have another blogger friend around to document your “outfit of the day”.  

you can’t see them too well in these photos, but i’ve fallen back in love with these old thigh high boots.  i don’t know if my muscular kung fu thighs have slimmed down a bit or the leather has become more pliable over the years, but these boots have become much more wearable.  me & the thigh high platform boots…we’re having us a moment ^_^

also, what a happy happenstance the scrollwork of my long tunic (or very short dress…not sure) happened to match the swirls of the wellesley college auditorium carpet :)

wearing: century 21 black & white floral scroll bell sleeved tunic || vintage silk japanese haori || wet seal pleather leggings || rue la la leather bodega bag (via ebay) || the glamourai x shrimpton couture dharma neck plate || jeffrey campbell thigh high black suede boots



*kickin’ it at koi*

not *super* thrilled with today’s outfit but i’m running out of clothes here in LA…hahaha! i’ve been eating sooooo much good food & i felt too fat for this dress, but hey, my trusty haori has definitely been the superstar of my wardrobe during this west coast trip. it’s kept me warm in portland…still looking fancifully dressed in san rafael & once again, appropriately covering my fat arse for a night out (even fitting in with the asian theme) with friends at koi in west hollywood!

speaking of koi, i could see why people think the food is good, but there are items on the menu identical to nobu in new york or morimoto in philly, & they are vastly inferior! so, if you’ve never been to any of these pioneers in japanese fusion cuisine, bon appetit! if you have, don’t bother going to koi, you will be very sad, as i was :( 


*greetings from the pacific northwest*

i go from an improper bostonian feature right onto a jet plane to portland…the start of a 2-week spree of visiting friends, family & oh hey, there might be a wedding in there too somewhere ^_^ i’m LOVING portland! this city has such a great vibe! if there’s one thing to ever know about portland is the food.cart.pod! get to know it! if you’re obsessed with food trucks as i am, imagine the corner of a city block taken up by a circle of food trucks/carts. there’s several picnic benches in the middle of circle, covered by a tent that’s usually decorated with christmas lights & even plants! it’s the GREATEST thing ever!!! a food court of food trucks…and they’re everywhere!

anywho…outfit deets. my plaid dress from the philippines you’ve seen before. we seemed to have left boston at the appropriate time since it’s in the middle of a mini-heatwave (sorry everyone back there!). the weather here in portland is delightfully on the cool side. i can even wear my vintage haori out as a jacket & finally a better view of my BUY clutch that i knitted. just a quick post as we’re off soon for another food adventure! i’m eating sooooo much, i hope i can fit into my dress for the wedding :d

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