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*green with an asian print twist*

green, asian print, floral print, jumper, black and white, witch shoes, schoolgirl look, hm dress

fall here in boston takes on a different meaning for me than most people.  i’m around boston university a lot & just driving around the city, you can’t help but realize that college students are back & in full force (whether to your chagrin or not & mostly wearing their sweatpants & pajama bottoms to class).  

green, asian print, floral print, jumper, black and white, schoolgirl look, hm dress

so, it kind of hearkens me back to *my* schoolgirl days.  i’m a weirdo who actually wished i had a school uniform.  i kind of like that rigidity, order & discipline sometimes.  hence, why as an adult, i favor that look…especially this time of year & since no college student dresses like this…hahaha!

green, asian print, floral print, jumper, black and white, schoolgirl look, hm dress

wearing: h&m green dress || thrifted asian floral print shirt (check out the mad 70’s collar!) || target tights || dsw buckled heels 

witch shoes, black shoes, buckle shoes, dsw shoes


*neon electric orange & green*

green, orange, neon, highlighter, prabal gurung dress, target, black belt, cork sandals, dv, dolce vita

i really wanted to wear these cork sandals today.  kind of a last hurrah to summer.  however, i must still be on a neon high from yesterday, pairing the orange neon trimming of these heels with the fluorescent orange in my dress.  why not?  nice sunny day, some fun plans for this weekend…bright colors to match my happy mood ^_^  have a great weekend, everyone!

wearing: prabal gurung x target colorblocked dress || hawaiian style gold bracelet || DV dolce vita neon orange piping cork sandals

dv, dolce vita, cork sandals, heels, neon piping, neon trim, orange neon


*ombre maxi dress*

ombre, watercolor, blue, green, maxi dress, maxi skirt, tie dye, calypso, st barth, target

hmmm…why don’t i wear flowy maxi dresses more often?  that whole petite girls shouldn’t wear long dresses thang?  bah humbug.

wearing: calypso st barth x target ombre maxi dress || clear belt (via ebay) || gifted orange bead bracelet || gold gladiator sandals

gold, gladiator, espadrilles, cork, sandals, metallic


*wearing green on christmas day*

wearing: h&m dress || rodarte/target asian print t-shirt || vintage tassel pendant || green bead necklace & bracelet (from naomi) || JC wedges 

hmmm…it’s not that i have an aversion to the usual christmas red, but it seems like i’m wearing green again…just like last year :) hahaha!  complete with silly hat from my mother-in-law, of course!  hope everyone had a very merry christmas!  just enjoying the rest of my (now) sunnier california vacation & glad to be missing out on the massive snowstorm i’m hearing about back east.  yikes!

of note for my christmas outfit, i’ve weirdly taken to wearing this old rodarte & target collab t-shirt under other sleeveless shirts/dresses as it kind of gives me that japanese tattoo sleeve effect.  don’t know why i like it for now (or maybe i do know…hello, adam levine) ^_^  also, my jewelry (sans my husband’s gma’s tassel pendant) i got from my blogger buddy, naomi, who moved to NYC & she was selling a lot of her clothing to make room.  shop a fashion stylist’s closet???  heck yeah!


*green, gold, oxblood & fur*

wearing: vintage oscar by OdlR oxblood blazer || h&m green skater dress || express fur collar (old) || lori’s shoes capsule collection bamma

i felt my life has been such a whirlwind as of late.  this weekend in particular which i will detail in my next post.  for now, i just want to finally post the *wonderful* pictures that smita took of me during an impromptu shoot on the MFA steps after we previewed the mario testino: in your face & british royal portraits exhibits.

since it was such a fun & fashiony event, i brought out this old fur collar that i’ve had for years.  i fashioned it more into a necklace type of accessory instead of actually attaching it to my coats or jackets.  that way, even when i take off my outer layer, i still have the fur around my neck to keep it warm :)

accessories: vintage tassel gold necklace || thrifted avon red jeweled pendant necklace || melody ehsani armor-dillo ring || F21 spiked ring

i’ve also been taking advantage of the fall weather & really indulging in rich, baroque type jewelry…plenty of gold & ruby red jewel tones.  even my jacket has a slight metallic sheen to the burgundy fabric.

as i said in my previous post, it really was a fun day & i don’t usually get to spend so much time all at once with my blogger friends at a day time event.  plus, smita is my most favorite boston area photographer…both on a personal & professional level.  having her make me look this good again was an extra special time :)


*green/grey stripes plus a special guest star*

well, well…look who i found lurking about, trying to avoid his bath!  sorry little man, you can’t fight me when you’re such a little stinky poo & you know you have to go right into the tub as soon as we’re finished with these photos!  (sorry, please excuse the crazy dog lady as she actually talks to her puppy…back to regular programming tomorrow…hahaha!)

wearing:  swapped koan grey short sleeve cardigan || green/grey/black dress (random canal street NYC shop) || silver metallic heels (via ebay)


*foodie sunday*

it was *crazy* today & absolutely, 100% of it was devoted to food…hahaha!  first off, had dim sum down in chinatown with the kids from the BUKFC since it was their last week before final exams/end of semester/graduation. ahhhh…to be in college again.  NOT!  then, i went to buy a whole mess of cookies to make a ginormous gift basket for the staff of peenut’s animal clinic (since they basically saved his life).  finally, concluded the day with 2 new (to me) food truck runs…mei mei street kitchen (loved the fiddlehead fern tempura & the chinese version of sugared churros) & the taco truck near harvard square (fried avocado tacos!)…yummmmm!  good thing this dress has a stretchy elastic waistband for all the good eating! *burp*

wearing:  striped dress (from random NYC canal street shop) || thrifted leather boys blazer || koan cardigan (swapped) || JC lita spikes


*army of me*

and if you complain once more…you’ll meet an army of me."  perhaps my most favorite line of one of my favorite songs from one of my most favorite artists of all time.  i know a lot of people like björk, but did you know she was in a band before she went solo called the sugarcubes?  i saw the sugarcubes in their last boston concert just before they split up & björk herself went supernova.  come to think of it, then i saw björk in concert a few years after that.  lucky for me i’m an old fart…hahaha!

wearing: rachel roy military style jacket || swapped j crew shirt || simply vera chino leggings || express tassel belt || dolce vita ankle booties

anywhooooo…that whole björk/army of me intro was to segue into my army/military-inspired outfit today (if you haven’t figured it out already, hahaha).  this rachel roy jacket is 4 sizes too big for me, but it was one of my filene’s basement $5 closeout deals, so couldn’t resist. also, my zombie pendant came!!!  i’ll wear it until the apocalypse do us part.  finally, to round out the whole military look (hey, i’m a kung fu girl at heart, so i’m combative by nature), a more fashionable version of combat boots.  funky chunky heel…peeptoe….multiple buckles…check, check & CHECK!  end of the world?  invading foreign (or undead) forces?  bring it on!


*st. paddy’s day color blocking*

since i didn’t blog yesterday, this st. patrick’s day outfit post already seems super outdated. i decided to use the opportunity of fulfilling the “green” requirement so as not to get pinched to also work on my color blocking again. getting better…but i’m still too much of a woosy.  the neutrals are nice to balance the colors, but it’s not FULL-ON color blocking, like susie bubble. the third time i try will be the (lucky) charm…

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