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*summer swirly sheath dress*

goodwill, thrifted, sheath dress, paisley, swirls

geez louise, do my eyes look tired or what?  guess i’m still recovering from a busy weekend away, but lordy, didn’t think I needed more than a day to get back on track!  ah well, at least getting dressed today didn’t stress me out.  i don’t typically favor sheath dresses as i prefer full skirts to accommodate my wider hips, but this one (another goodwill treasure) fits me just fine.  It’s short & breezy, great for these last dog days of summer.  i’m looking forward to making it “pre-fall” with leggings & then winter appropriate with tights & thigh high boots.  not that i’m in any rush…i’ll keep to this warm (but not heatwave) weather for as long as we can! hahaha!

bracelets,filigree, silver, pewter, thrifted, arm party

wearing: thrifted goodwill sheath dress || swapped silver filigree & boomerangs thrifted bracelets || spiegel chain wedge sandals

spiegel, sandals, espadrilles, chain link, chain


*neon abstract floral print for a rainy day*

i wanted to wear something fun, flirty & BRIGHT to the marshalls spring #fabfound event the other night.  easily done with another PBxT dress in striking neon colors & abstract “kaleidoscope” type print. 

however, the rains we recently had in boston also put a damper on an *almost* carefree evening.  don’t i always have a clothing item to the rescue though?  hahaha!  this newly found goodwill treasure of a rain jacket fit the bill quite nicely :)  added some equally fun & bright arm accessories & i was on my way.  

whoops, forgot the kicks ^_^  since this was a marshalls event, i took off the shelf, probably still my *best* marshalls find EVAR!  stuart weitzman lavender cheetah print heels, but neutral enough to conform to any outfit…for $75.  oh yeah!

wearing: prabal gurung x target dress || cynthia rowley ruffled coat (via goodwill) || kohl’s multichain bracelet || stuart weitzman heels


*goodwill south boston store grand reopening*

if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ve come to find that i’m a big goodwill fan.  not just of shopping their stores to find that *one* (or 2 or 10) unique item(s), but also of their mission statement of helping individuals achieve independence & dignity through work.  

i attended the grand reopening of their renovated south boston store yesterday (thanks again, melissa, for the invitation!) & was impressed with the bright look, spacious layout & the new goodwill branding, even though i’ve never been to the store before.  you could tell by the response of the staff there, they were very proud of their like-new space.  even the president & CEO of goodwill, joanne hilferty, was there & gave a very passionate & enthusiastic speech about the work that goodwill does.  see that book she’s holding?  it’s the south boston’s business ledger from 1922…yes 1922!…that described the store’s operating costs was $50 a day. incredible!  what history goodwill has in the boston area!

after the ribbon cutting & chatting with the directors & staff members, it was time to shop!  even though i’ve been feeling all shopped out lately, i can never resist treasure hunting at goodwill!  i was thoroughly impressed with the shelf displays, especially with the housewares.  tell me that you wouldn’t think any of these items were from home goods or pier one?  had i any room in my house, i would have *definitely* taken home those blue & white ginger jars!  

all in in all, it was a great time as usual with goodwill & blogger friends.  of course, i discovered a few special clothing & jewelry items that i can’t wait to wear.  i even found friend & founder of bow & drape, aubrie’s, BCBG coat which had fallen between the racks that i *almost* bought!  whew…close call!   

disclaimer:  i was given a very generous 50% shopping discount by goodwill but the heartfelt opinions are 100% my own ^_^


*boston blogger night & shopping party at goodwill boston*

last thursday night found me back at the goodwill headquarters in downtown boston at the kind invitation of fellow blogger friend & *newest* addition to the boston globe as their new DIY BOSTON contributor…melissa!  congratulations sweetie!

i attended goodwill’s first blogger day back in may & was all to happy to return for their fall event with some new & familiar faces.  i can never resist a chance to shop at the HUGE store down on harrison avenue & scored a ton of great finds!  in fact, it was one of those moments where i actually had to haul around one of the goodwill shopping carts while i shopped…my treasures were getting so heavy in my arms!  BTW, that christian audigier double panther hoodie above almost almost made it into my cart, but then i came to my senses…bwahaha!

the rest of the night was spent eating pizza, chatting with everyone including the goodwill team members & once again touring the warehouse…concluding with group photos at the famed ‘wall of baled clothes.’  since i had already experienced the “behind the scenes,” it was cool to hear the new girls who had never been ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the expansive space & what it takes to get those donations out to their respective stores all across the new england area.  

goodwill really is a great nonprofit with such a positive mission statement & their message (which speaks to me personally) of reuse & recycle.  by donating your unused items to them, you are helping them turn that into revenue which in turn runs their employment training & community support services.  it’s the easiest way to contribute!  if you want to do more, there are also volunteer opportunities.  truly though, the best way to help out your local goodwill is by SHOPPING there!  so hard right?  goodwill has even provided you with a 25% off coupon…like you really need an excuse as goodwill prices are the hardest to beat!  the discount is good until nov. 30th, so get to your nearby goodwill, shop & support this amazing organization :)

photo credit: group photo via goodwill boston’s FB page & all other photos, via moi :)


*last chance for mint*

mint was definitely the color du jour this past spring.  i took these photos last week on probably the last hot day of the year.  it’s funny too as this outfit is the exact reverse of an outfit i wore a few months ago aaaaand i got both jacket eyelet pieces on the same goodwill shopping trip!  au revoir mint! until next spring :) 

wearing: h&m white eyelet lace jacket (via goodwill) || marshalls mint dress (old)  || DIY koi earrings || metallic acrylic heel slingbacks (via ebay)


*goodwill boston blogger day 2012 & a 20% off coupon*

i had been having a lot of ups & downs lately (travel & my dog’s surgery) so i was glad to get back into the blogger swing of things with this invitation from my 2 favorite boston bloggers…amy & melissa…at goodwill!  the first part of the night involved shopping at the *huge* goodwill store in downtown boston.  i’ve loved thrifting ever since college, so that certainly wasn’t hard to do!  plus, yukking it up & running around the store with sami of a glimpse of glamour, made it all the more fun :)   

after buying up all our glorious finds, the second part of the evening involved a presentation of what goodwill was all about. the directors, james, JD, christine & patti were really great, super helpful & informative.  we all have goodwills in our towns & cities, right, but how much do we really know what they’re all about…other than where we donate our unwanted stuff?  well, goodwill sells those “unwanted” items & proceeds go to the following:

- jobs skills & readiness programs geared towards people facing barriers to employment, such as disabilities, language issues, etc.

- a career center to help successful graduates of these job training programs connect with employers

- youth programs…everything from after school programs, mentoring & college/career help

the final part of the night was touring the ginormous warehouse where all the donations are processed & sorted to go to the various stores around the boston & surrounding areas.  i have to admit that getting the “behind the scenes” view was quite impressive & inspiring.  the warehouse alone employs about 150 people sorting, organizing, etc.  

all so that bloggers like me can enjoy the fruits of their labor with great finds like this!  here’s the ann taylor loft coat (for $10…no less) that you saw the other day.  i had been inspired by the louis vuitton 2012 spring collection, so added these sweet eyelet pieces to ye ol’ closet as well (all for a total of less than $20)!

so, get to know the goodwill in your town.  as a special treat for those of us who live in MA, here’s a 20% off coupon that goodwill has graciously provided for your next shopping trip!  just print the link & use before may 15th…super easy :)

for more information, go to goodwillmass.org, follow them on twitter or like their facebook page & learn more about this great organization ^_^

**picture of me via amy. the rest via moi ^_^ **


*floral friday*

the weather has still been uber crappy as of late here in the boston area.  so, it was quite the happy coincidence that i was invited by the swapaholics, amy & melissa, to a blogger party that they cooked up for us last night at the boston goodwill headquarters…which perked up my mood quite nicely :)  

it was a SUPER fun night & learned a LOT about the behind the scenes operations of goodwill.  i will update that whole event in another post, but for now, feast your eyes on this floral, springtime beauty of a jacket that i was able to come away with from the goodwill store (among other things).  just the perfect pick-me-up for this gloomy friday ^_^

wearing:  ann taylor loft floral trench coat (via goodwill) || swapped coral dress (via the closet boston) ||  lord & taylor sequined pumps

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