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*all that glitters is not gold*


i was cleaning up/putting away clothes in my closet & this sweater happened to fall against this dress.  i can’t believe i never thought to combine them before with all the glittery gloriousness!  admittedly, it was a little much for treating clients in my office, but my regulars are used to (& dare i even say appreciate) my extravagant wear sometimes :)  i wanted to look nice for a friend’s birthday dinner that night & i didn’t have time to go home to change.


love these old ankle booties too with all the grommet, buckle, hook & eye  & suede detail.  ever notice they don’t make booties like this anymore?  they now all seem to have zippers up the inner side.  no likey :(

wearing: express silver glitter sweater || h&m bronze/silver glitter dress || swapped silver filigree bracelet || aldo outlet earrings & ankle boots



*magenta sequins, glitter & lady gaga*

wearing:  sequined magenta cardigan (ebay) || rodarte for target nude tulle dress || senso diffusion glitter platform wedges (solestruck)

i wore this super sparkly outfit to my friend’s surprise birthday party last night.  this is a friend whom we share the same kind of sensibilities when it comes to heels (i.e. she loves to borrow my shoes) plus she’s a super huge lady gaga fan, so i made sure to wear these monster glitter wedges just for her.  i’m sure she’ll ask to wear these to the next gaga concert…hahaha!

accessories:  c|a|m dyed horsehair braided bracelet || DIY spiked friendship bracelet ||  ice.com white gold ring || ice.com flower ring

really loving my new bracelet from christen mitchell that i got off of fab.com & how the hot pink matched gloriously with my ensemb. then, *of course*, as frilly & tulle-covered & feminine my outfit is, not only have the humongo wedges to toughen it up, but why not some spikes as well? why not?

i also really love this cardigan though i don’t wear it very often outside of holiday season time.  there’s more pouf at the shoulders & by the sleeve cuffs that make it seem *extra* girly.  i tend not to like the whole front knot thing for t-shirts or whatnot, but the cardigan fell at an awkward length & clung to the tulle on the dress weirdly.  i didn’t want to deal with belting it & then fussing with it all night, so just unbuttoned the last 2 buttons & knotted it up!  totally worked, right?

anywho, it was great to sip wine & cocktails with my friends, then eating tons of delicious italian food (another reason i didn’t want to feel constricted with a belt…hahaha!) & then the pièce de résistance…cupcakes & a lady gaga themed birthday cake!  told ya she was a big fan!  her friends know her so well.  glad i picked the right shoes for the right occasion ^_^


*3 outfits to ring out the old year & bring in the new!*


hello everyone! i’m finally back from my extended holiday vaykay with MDH’s family & sooooo ready to be back to a normal (i.e. not eating *all* the time) schedule, but also not really feeling the whole getting-back-to-work thing.  oh well, it was a relaxing time nevertheless…so relaxing that even the thought of getting formal outfit photos was a drag.  thus, the last 3 outfits i wore for 2011 & to start off 2012 documented only via my phone…hahaha!

#1:  for a cousin’s baby shower…i wore a viparo leather skirt & swapped hot pink banana republic shirt.

#2:  for new year’s eve at MDH’s uncle’s golf course which involved a midnight supper with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grand & great grandchildren, drinks all around & *of course* plenty of noisemakers, whooping & hollering to ring in 2012…i wore an oldie but goodie sparkly metallic h&m dress, bebe heels & my silver/rhinestone/neon yellow jewelry.

#3: finally, new year’s day momentously started off with MDH’s grandma’s 100th birthday party at her house that involved a video slideshow, plenty of birthday cake & goodies & a huge 42-person pollyanna (or yankee swap as we call it around these parts) that she amazingly had the energy to participate in! the festivities concluded with a buffet dinner again in the banquet room of MDH’s uncle’s golf course…i wore a star print blouse & skirt set custom made in bangkok & piperlime mary jane platforms.

i wish everyone had a wonderful holiday season & here’s to a hopeful, healthy & happy new year!


*synchronicity on the fashion blogosphere*


we have all gained inspiration from the fashion blogs we follow, haven’t we?  who hasn’t experienced that one day when we feel bored or jaded with our current rotation of outfits?  then, we see a particular outfit online, be it from one of our favorite street style sites or some e-retailer’s lookbook, that inspires us.  either a color scheme, a silhouette or a combination of patterns that reminds us of something we have in our closet & voilá, we now have an outfit that lifts our mood & helps us get us ready for our day!  now…how about something different from that?  how about viewing an outfit on the internets that you have also planned without seeing it first? with such precision & accuracy, how about an impressive synchronicity that borders on telepathically frightening?


*photo credit: street style shot on the left via mr. newton*

so, lemme explain.  while perusing blogs off my google reader while driving down with MDH to our thanksgiving destination (i.e. his parents’ house), i came across this post by mr. newton & almost spit out my dr. pepper!  you see…without having seen this woman’s outfit first, i packed nearly the same outfit for our upcoming friday night dinner out.  

check it.  so, we both have the black lacy long-sleeved top with billowy sleeves.  however, i have no boobage that this woman clearly has & deciding to go sans nude liner unlike me :)  next, our skirts aren’t so similar…hers is longer & velvety while mine is my old rodarte for target dress & has a tulle overlay, but still, both are black skirts.  next, very interesting is our choice of footwear.  she has grey socks with black sandals & my silver glitter/black miu miu look-alikes from charlotte russe mimic the same effect.  

now, that normally still wouldn’t have surprised me at all.  c’mon..an all black lacy outfit on a street style shot?  i’ve just described 3/4 of new york city.  what really freaked me out was the hot pink clutch!  i literally bought this clutch for $9 at the filene’s basement out going out of business sale, intending to use it as my new wallet.  since i hadn’t transferred all my credit cards & other wallet innards into it, i decided to use it as a wristlet for the weekend away.  it’s the same hue, same size & who would normally pair a hot pink clutch with an all-black outfit? now, is that freaky or is that FREAKY?!?!


well ok…maybe it’s not all that freaky.  still, you have to admit, very strangely synchronized O.O  speaking of synchronized, here are some other like-minded blogger buddies in the twitterverse!  we bought these same shoes without even knowing the other was interested in it.  so, maybe this extrasensory unison is not so uncommon after all…hahaha!


*beautiful nail*

my manicure was looking a little raggedy after my reunion weekend (sorry for the dry cuticles), so i decided to spice it up a bit with the one glitter finger nail (á la emily of cupcakes & cashmere). then, i was reminded of one of my favorite youtube clips of all time. just one beautiful nail…hahahaha!

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