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*a different kind of animal print & denim*

going kind of overboard with this elephant print dress by pairing it with my elephant chain belt, don’t cha think?  hey, why not?  if you’re gonna go with a theme, just GO FOR IT right?  hahaha!  *another* kind of animal print overload :)

i first wore this dress for my father-in-law’s & sister-in-law’s dual exhibit art show back in february.  it’s one of my favorite shirtdresses so far…very comfortable, loose-fitting, light, airy & perfect for treating patients.

accessories:  elephant chain belt (via lady luxe - now closed) || target watch || opal dainty ring (V-day gift from hubby)

also, goes well with my denim trenchcoat & denim sandals that i often wear together since they’re so matchy-matchy.  simple formula for an easy, breezy day of work :)

wearing:  gap elephant print dress (gap outlet in FL) || gap denim trench coat (gap outlet in MA) || lela rose x payless denim sandals


*art show elephant chic*

only one more weekend away from home (well, until the end of the month at least…boo hoo). i’m so tired of traveling lately, can you tell?  hahaha!  this trip brought us back to visit my in-laws in PA.  no big whoop.  we do that drive like 5 times a year, but this was for a special occasion.  my father-in-law is an established sculptor & my sister-in-law is a budding ceramic artist.  they had a unique art show where both their works were shown together…a father & daughter exhibit!  i was so very proud of both of them & i do love their artwork.  here’s an article about their show :)  if you’re in the blue bell/ambler area, please check out the exhibit which is still on display until feb. 15th :)

apparently my elephant print dress that i had purchased recently during my trip to FL was the perfect thing to wear to an art show with all the compliments i kept getting on it. i wish i could say i got it somewhere exotic, like during my trip to bangkok, but no, it was a gap outlet special…hahaha!    

final note on the art exhibit…i was so mad that one of my SIL’s bowls had sold before i got to it, so instead, i commissioned her for another custom made piece!  HA!  family-ship has its privileges ^_^

wearing:  gap outlet elephant print shirtdress || target tights || blue nile white gold/diamond rings || sam edelman zoe harness ankle boots

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