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*what i wore for a wedding in the woods*

you know me…i wouldn’t go off "glamping" in the woods for no other reason than just to relax & get away from it all, right?  you’re correct!  actually, MDH & i attended a wedding that was the epitome of romantic country nuptials :)  it was very rustic & down to earth with the ceremony in a moss-lined glade, yet elegant with a reception in a barn decorated with chinese lanterns & white lights :) 

wearing: anna sui x target black lace dress || vintage wild mink stole || glamourai dharma neckplate || lori’s shoes patent leather heels

so, being out in the woods was an appropriate occasion to wear my wild mink stole that i rarely bring out.  i bought it at a church rummage sale for $40.  when i brought it to be cleaned, the girl at the local fur shop asked if i knew what it was.  when i said mink, she corrected me with “wild mink” which she recognized by the striped fur vs. farmed mink.  wow, lucky me to find such a rare piece! 

**note:  i think i’ve stated my opinions on fur before, but i share the sentiments of most bloggers i know. while i don’t seek out new fur clothing at all, when i see vintage items while thrifting, i still appreciate them for the quality pieces of fashion that they are. sometimes i buy them, sometimes i don’t, but the ones i do become cherished special occasion items that i wear & store with care. maybe i can pass them on to my nieces one day if they so choose :) **

so much for that tangent…whew!  in any case, we had a great time at this wedding far-flung into the forest ^_^  i’ll post pics from it soon :)             


*green, gold, oxblood & fur*

wearing: vintage oscar by OdlR oxblood blazer || h&m green skater dress || express fur collar (old) || lori’s shoes capsule collection bamma

i felt my life has been such a whirlwind as of late.  this weekend in particular which i will detail in my next post.  for now, i just want to finally post the *wonderful* pictures that smita took of me during an impromptu shoot on the MFA steps after we previewed the mario testino: in your face & british royal portraits exhibits.

since it was such a fun & fashiony event, i brought out this old fur collar that i’ve had for years.  i fashioned it more into a necklace type of accessory instead of actually attaching it to my coats or jackets.  that way, even when i take off my outer layer, i still have the fur around my neck to keep it warm :)

accessories: vintage tassel gold necklace || thrifted avon red jeweled pendant necklace || melody ehsani armor-dillo ring || F21 spiked ring

i’ve also been taking advantage of the fall weather & really indulging in rich, baroque type jewelry…plenty of gold & ruby red jewel tones.  even my jacket has a slight metallic sheen to the burgundy fabric.

as i said in my previous post, it really was a fun day & i don’t usually get to spend so much time all at once with my blogger friends at a day time event.  plus, smita is my most favorite boston area photographer…both on a personal & professional level.  having her make me look this good again was an extra special time :)

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