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*fringe, ruffles, tassles & the golden hour*

another anomalous warm “winter” day in the high 50s necessitated going outdoors & soaking up that late afternoon sun, affectionately known amongst photographers as the “golden hour" for that amazing picturesque glow.  warm enough for one of my favorite kimono jackets & this comfy yet chic (it has pockets!) mini romper dress picked up at yet another awesome clothing swap :)

wearing: LF harvard sq floral kimono fringe jacket & fleece-lined leggings || swapped grey dress || aldo tassel necklace || IT x payless booties


*floral fringe benefits*

so…what’s the benefit of semi-cleaning out your closet more than…oh say…every couple years?  you actually find stuff you’ve stashed away that quickly disappeared into the depths of your all-too-congested clothing racks…stuff you haven’t even worn yet. bwahahaha!

wearing:  LF stores fringe floral jacket || F21 black dress || gift store glass pendant (santorini) || thrift store earrings || h&m floral fabric heels

this light fringe-edged kimono jacket that i got from *last* season’s LF super sale was the perfect topper for another warm & sunny day…wonderfully light & airy.  also, decided to pair the large floral print of my top with the itty-bitty blossoms on this pair of h&m sandals…$5 clearance special, no less ^_^

couldn’t resist playing with the fringe all day, *however* had to be super careful as well.  darn it if i wasn’t hooking myself on every little thing…door jambs, railings, even got my stupid keys tangled in the sleeves as i tried getting into my house…hahaha!  with all the compliments it got all day though, the extra hassle was worth it ^_^

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