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*one florida trip…several outfits*

i was in florida this past weekend for two very special occasions.  first off, my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary which my brothers & i were able to successfully throw a surprise dinner for them & 40 family members & friends.  it was the perfect surprise!  my parents never even knew we were in the state at all & my mom wouldn’t stop crying, she was so happy!  SUCCESS!  party #2 was the baby shower for my niece coming in march.  i was able to surprise my sister-in-law there with the baby stroller she wanted, plus i gave a hello kitty blanket (of course).  no time to take proper outfit photos, so here’s an amalgamation of what i wore the past few days :)  

anniversary dinner:  erin fetherston butterfly cape sleeve archive dress (similar)

baby shower:  h&m striped sweater & neon striped skirt

other dinners/outings: h&m glitter cardigan, viparo leather skirtmagenta sequined cardigan, & asianicandy shredded heart sweater


*wedding in florida ~ the reception outfit*

since i had so much time between the wedding ceremony & the reception of my good friends…*of course* i changed outfits!!!  any opportunity to rock different dresses, OH YEAH!  plus, how the heck am i supposed to dance the night away with that fascinator on my head?  it would have flown off with the first wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle…hahaha!

i had been eating so much (what else is new?) during my florida trip which i knew i was going to do, so i brought along this cute heavily beaded, “cold shoulder” dress from asianicandy that was in a waist-friendly tent style, yet still very flirty & perfect for flitting around the dance floor :)  drop earrings that amazingly matched perfectly with the blue & gold beads of my dress & this lovely club monaco chain mail fringe purse that i got via miss neira’s shopbop gift card giveaway completed the outfit.  thanks again to the beautiful neira!

finally…since the bride is my SOLE sister in every way (we’re both sub-5 feet & mad addicted to platforms), i *had* to make sure i had amazing shoes…hence these steve madden pink glitter platforms!  just to show how unconsciously synchronized we are…she also had these fantastic steve madden hot pink pumps with rhinestone-studded heels!!!  TDF!  i loved watching her go around in her dazzling white dress & catching that peek of hot pink as she walked.  their entire wedding day was such an incredible time.  i’m back in boston & already terribly miss our friends & all the good memories (plus the warm florida sun…hahaha!) *sigh*…ah well, until next time ;)  congratulations again to carissa & willis!  


*wedding in florida ~ the church outfit*

so, the big day has arrived!  the wedding of 2 good friends that has been 2 years in the making.  well, maybe make that 15.  i have known the bride for 15 years (yes, since she was a itty, bitty girl) even though it was only in the past couple that we became closer, but i knew even back then she would make just the most gorgeous little bride & have the most beautiful wedding :)

since i started the first wedding of this year wearing this fascinator…thought i’d end the year wearing it again.  now i can probably get rid of it.  it has been fun to wear post-royal wedding, but i bet fascinators next year will be so passé.  when my husband told our other guy friend that this was not a “hat” but that it was called a “fascinator,” our friend had to ask whether it was spelled “fasten-ator” or “fascinate-or.”  i told him it was the latter & wasn’t he fascinated?  he had to admit, he was…oh yes, he was, hahaha!

i kept the rest of my outfit conservative with a smart looking blazer in classic navy & the light blue rodarte for target dress.  just wanted the fascinator to do the talking…and these shoes to do the walking ^_^


*back in the sunshine state!*

howdy ya’ll!  i’ve been a bit MIA, but i was working pretty much nonstop all the days leading up to my VACATION!  now, i’m in the sun sunny sunshine state & back to casual outfit posting :)  so far, i’ve been hanging out at home, chit-chatting with my parents & brothers, uncle & grandma over my dad’s delicious home cooking & being a lazy bum.

i got this dress from one half of the swapaholics, melissa, & i loooove the vibrant colors.  i kept it simple with just the dress & skin tone sandals.  hahaha, no layering needed in 80 degree weather! so glad i have the opportunity to wear it once more before the year is over & before the new england winter doldrums (& subsequent dreary dressing) bring me down.

right now, i’m chilling at my cousin’s house & we’re planning on some great BBQ eating tonight.  can’t wait!  i’m usually a neat eater, but if i spill sauce on myself, this is the perfect dress to disguise any messiness…hahaha!  tomorrow will be the big day & the reason why i’m back here in FL.  stay tuned ^_^


*swapped sundress in the sunshine state*

sorry i’ve been so quiet on the blog front…but i’m on VACATION! well, kinda…sorta. you see, to make a long story short, i’m a nationally certified “sifu” or kung fu instructor in my particular style of martial art. i have to return to our headquarters in orlando every 3 years to recertify. it entails me (and the other instructors) performing all our required kung fu techniques in front of our grandmaster over a span of 3 days. that’s why my outfit posts have been lacking. no one wants to see me in a sweaty black shirt & black kung fu pants. hahaha! 

it’s finally all over though. now i can frolic in sundresses & hang out with my friends & family plus the weather down here has been gorgeous! sunny skies & NO humidity. it’s almost not florida! right now, i’m completely stuffed with good food (my dad’s a GREAT cook), plus we’ve been going out having BBQ, thai food, tapas…you name it. unfortunately, tomorrow i will be returning back to boston. no more lap of luxury & being fed all the time :( hope the weather up there is also finally warm & not raining. that would be nice. i wanna keep this sundress streak going :) 

whoops…almost forgot to add this photo. so this is just me taking my usual photo in front of the orlando kung fu school with one of the foo dogs. thrilling…i know :)

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