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*mint circles & neon floral*

polka dots, floral, neon, mint, beads

i’ve not shopped for clothes in a while.  kinda of burnt out on buying stuff just because, plus i have some financial goals i’m trying to accomplish, so laying low on the “fast fashion” spending.  

polka dots, floral, neon, mind, beads

that being said, i’m still amazed by some of the outfit combinations i’ve not yet come up with pieces in my closet i’ve owned for years at this point.  REALLY loving the matching shades of mint & chartreuse in 2 very different articles of clothing…punctuated by a beaded necklace in the same colors.  also, i can still address some of my favorite “trends” like floral, print mixing & neon.  hope the crazy pattern mixing doesn’t hurt your eyes.  i LOVE it!  here’s to a happy (hopefully) early spring!

polka dots, floral, neon, mint, beads

wearing: express shades of green polka dot blouse || forever 21 neon floral skirt || danskin tights || forever 21 beaded long necklace || pour la victoire leather & pony hair nude booties (via gilt city warehouse sale)

polka dots, floral, neon, mint, beads


*turquoise floral & black lace*

peter pilotto target, peter pilotto floral lace, turquoise lace, black lace

have to be honest…i do love the latest peter pilotto & target collaboration (what i’ve termed the perfect description of my style - asian floral throw up, hahaha), but can’t seem to commit to buying much.  i’ve perused 2 target stores, but had left empty-handed.  as much as i love the collection, i have a feeling most of it will end up in clearance, so i’ll take my chances.  this blouse was the only thing i did order as it was an online exclusive & i the colors & textures look much better IRL!  i love how the sleeves are lace, so it breaks up the pure black & white floral print.  plus, i can wear my black lace skirt to full effect…win :)

wearing: peter pilotto for target turquoise print blouse || wet seal black lace skirt || simply vera wang tights || steve madden sneaker wedges

peter pilotto target, peter pilotto floral lace, turquoise floral, black lace


*hot (pink) pants*

hot pink pants, prabal gurung top, target, bright colors, neon, floral, abstract print

it’s officially autumn, right?  i’m supposed to be wearing darker, muted colors, right?  whoops…guess i missed the memo on that one ^_^

earrings, crystal, pearl, bracelet

wearing: prabal gurung x target floral abstract top || hot pink pants (custom made in bangkok) || thrifted crystal/pearl earrings || pearl bracelet (gift from MDH) || modern vintage mary janes

hot pink pants, prabal gurung top, target, bright colors, neon, floral, abstract print


*well hello, holly hobbie*

grey, patchwork, print, country, floral, quilt

anyone remember holly hobbie?  every time i pull out this patchwork, ragamuffin-looking skirt, i think of holly hobbie, little house on the prairie, that kind of stuff that i loved as a kid.  plus, it’s the end of the week, i need something easy & this flowy dress is mad comfy & just what i need :)

grey, patchwork, print, country, floral, quilt

wearing: koan cropped studded sweater || rue 21 patchwork maxi dress || thrifted bracelet || melissa rubber wedges

grey, patchwork, print, country, floral, quilt


*hot doughnuts now*

wearing:  grey t-shirt (c/o joe’s jeans wrentham village) || F21 floral skirt || dior girly rain clear crossbody bag || juicy couture flip flops

i’m back from florida!!!  just spent a whole week with my family…getting in much needed niece quality time, running around in flip flops.like.all.day, not bothering with outfit photos, and *of course* doing a LOT of eating.

speaking of eating, i discovered the phenomenon of the krispy kreme hot & now doughnut.  you see, you don’t just walk into a KK & get an original glazed doughnut from the case.  oh no, no, no.  that’s been sitting there…all cold & stale.  if the hot & now sign is blazing red, that means donuts are ready to buy fresh from the wall of glaze & right off the line.  we waited 20 minutes to get our fresh hot dozen.  it really is worth the wait!  the things you learn when you’re on vacation…hahaha :)


*black florals & yellow shoes*

i don’t know if it was the cloudy day or the light was odd the early afternoon that i took this picture, but the color cast seems to be a bit off & a tad overexposed.  i ended up liking the photo though.  in this weird “instagram-y” world we live in, it’s almost odd *not* to see a photo with some type of kooky filter applied to it.  am i right?

or, maybe i’ve been used to my pear tree behind me being so bare of leaves all winter that now the brilliant display of green is throwing off my camera…hahaha!  no matter, it’s spring & we welcome all the green & other super bright colors ^_^

wearing: thrifted black dress || calvin klein belt (via second time around) || versace x hm jean jacket || IT x payless yellow wedges


*the easiest DIY ever - the floral hat*

i was perusing online for a hat to buy for this kentucky derby party MDH & i had to go to, but really wasn’t wanting to spend mucho $$$ for something ridiculous that i’ll only wear once.  DIY skills to the rescue!  so easy.  took a wide-brimmed hat i already had…found a ribbon that was already conveniently connected & fit around the crown of the hat…found all these black & white hair doodads in my drawer….then got to either safety pinning or clipping to the hat or ribbon in a pretty arrangement.  the centerpieces were just a regular black silk hair bow & a grey mink flower brooch, then arranged the flower clips around.  easy, peasy & ready for the derby! no hot gluing, no permanent fixation.  i can easily disassemble the flower clips for hair use once more :)  or…i can keep the hat the way it is & hope another garden wedding or some other suitable occasion pops up to wear again ^_^


*black & white kentucky derby party outfit*

truth…i’ve never attended a kentucky derby party.  i know right?  i loves me any excuse to wear decorative headgear, but it was just never anything i really got into.  my husband had a work-related party though, so i was happy to oblige.  as i recall, the way MDH RSVP’d for us was…”oh don’t worry!  any excuse for my wife to wear a big ass hat, we’ll be there!”  hahaha!  he knows me so well.

wearing: target black/white floral dress || h&m hat || assorted flower hair clips || gucci leather handbag || bebe black platform pumps


*the h&m dolce & gabbana style dress*

even with fresh snow still here on the ground in new england, happy first day of spring!  h&m is having a great clearance sale right now…half off already reduced items.  this originally $25 dress i snagged for $5!  however, it wasn’t the incredibly low price point that got me…but rather the design reminded me of the 2012 collection from my favorite designers…dolce & gabbana.  i don’t know what it is about old world italian floral print that speaks to me, but it sure does!

coincidentally, this dress also has that "mirror" or "kaleidoscope" pattern trend that seems to be on the rise these days…also evoked by my PB x target sweatshirt.  whatever…it’s bright, it’s colorful & especially on this still windy & chilly “spring” day, i’ll take it!

wearing:  h&m floral print long-sleeved dress || h&m gold collar necklace || c/o kmart black tights || isabel toledo x payless booties 


*prabal gurung for target sweatshirt*

i am in love, LOVE with this sweatshirt from the prabal gurung x target collab.  it’s just so bright & FUN!  in fact, i also like the proenza schouler one from a few months ago as well.  these are such easy pieces to wear…the comfort of sweats, yet not too casual or boring or covered with some high school/university logo :)  plus, more groundbreaking news…i wore pants!  i so hate pants, but these ann taylor ones gifted to me fit excellently both waist-wise & lengthwise.  some days just call for pants as well.  as much as i love tights & knee high boots & the whole rigmarole…there’s also the simple ease of pulling on a pair of pants, slipping on ankle booties & then just go :)

a side note on this sweatshirt…i wore it when i was in florida recently visiting my brand new niece.  my youngest brother said to me “the baby can’t hear you…your shirt’s too loud.”  so funny!  that’s my brother…gotta be such a goofball XD

wearing: prabal gurung x target sweatshirt || moda international striped shirt (very old) || c/o ann taylor black curvy wide leg pants 

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