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*a different kind of animal print & denim*

going kind of overboard with this elephant print dress by pairing it with my elephant chain belt, don’t cha think?  hey, why not?  if you’re gonna go with a theme, just GO FOR IT right?  hahaha!  *another* kind of animal print overload :)

i first wore this dress for my father-in-law’s & sister-in-law’s dual exhibit art show back in february.  it’s one of my favorite shirtdresses so far…very comfortable, loose-fitting, light, airy & perfect for treating patients.

accessories:  elephant chain belt (via lady luxe - now closed) || target watch || opal dainty ring (V-day gift from hubby)

also, goes well with my denim trenchcoat & denim sandals that i often wear together since they’re so matchy-matchy.  simple formula for an easy, breezy day of work :)

wearing:  gap elephant print dress (gap outlet in FL) || gap denim trench coat (gap outlet in MA) || lela rose x payless denim sandals


*art show elephant chic*

only one more weekend away from home (well, until the end of the month at least…boo hoo). i’m so tired of traveling lately, can you tell?  hahaha!  this trip brought us back to visit my in-laws in PA.  no big whoop.  we do that drive like 5 times a year, but this was for a special occasion.  my father-in-law is an established sculptor & my sister-in-law is a budding ceramic artist.  they had a unique art show where both their works were shown together…a father & daughter exhibit!  i was so very proud of both of them & i do love their artwork.  here’s an article about their show :)  if you’re in the blue bell/ambler area, please check out the exhibit which is still on display until feb. 15th :)

apparently my elephant print dress that i had purchased recently during my trip to FL was the perfect thing to wear to an art show with all the compliments i kept getting on it. i wish i could say i got it somewhere exotic, like during my trip to bangkok, but no, it was a gap outlet special…hahaha!    

final note on the art exhibit…i was so mad that one of my SIL’s bowls had sold before i got to it, so instead, i commissioned her for another custom made piece!  HA!  family-ship has its privileges ^_^

wearing:  gap outlet elephant print shirtdress || target tights || blue nile white gold/diamond rings || sam edelman zoe harness ankle boots


*still in love with safari*

it’s one thing to go all in with the safari look, however…not just leopard print, but actual leopards on the belt (and elephants too)??? well, it’s a dull & dreary monday…so let’s just pile it on, shall we?

wearing: vintage safari-style tent dress || target watch || gold leopard & elephant belts via lady luxe || shoemint leopard print “jolly” wedges


*so what about riding an elephant?*

"so what about riding an elephant?"  yeah, about that.  i had boasted to most of my friends before leaving for bangkok that the one & *only* thing i really wanted to accomplish in thailand was to ride an elephant!  guess i had watched too much ong bak…hahaha!  anywho, that obviously never happened as you would have already seen pictures of that mofo all up & down this blog.  here’s why…

first of all, the main thing i had quickly learned was that most of the elephant parks were 5-10 hours away…nothing convenient to bangkok.  already being used to travel outside of major asian cities, 5 hours would be an optimistic estimation.  5 hours would mean if you were on major well-paved super highways…10 hours would mean once you start hitting gravel & dirt roads & can only travel at 20 mph, there goes all the travel time.  we just didn’t have the time to dedicate a whole day with leaving the city.  can’t even mention that’s *if* there’s no traffic o.O  most IMPORTANTLY though, i also learned that there are some true elephant sanctuaries, but there are also parks that just cater to tourism & can treat the elephants quite cruelly. a friend who had been to thailand said she got duped & taken to one of these elephant “sanctuaries” & she was horrified to see for herself how downtrodden the elephants were…even a young one rocking itself back & forth in a cage!  in her words “you can’t imagine how human the eyes of an elephant are”…oh gawd. after listening to her, i decided no way!  it would truly snap my heart in half to see any kind of animal abuse, especially of these huge gentle creatures, so i wanted NO part of it :(

*maybe* the next time i go to thailand & have more adequate time & resources to thoroughly research on visiting a reputable & true elephant sanctuary of rescued pachyderms & can be assured that they are treated well, but until then, unfortunately stone elephants are the only elephants i’ll be riding…hahaha!  i was still obsessed though with seeing an elephant & my last chance was going to the zoo in bangkok & hoping to get close to one or have high hopes that maybe their petting zoo would include a wittle, cutey, wootey baby elephant!  time was not on my side however & it just didn’t happen :( *waaaah*

sooooo…i had to settle for this elephant pillow & elephant house slippers as my only “elephant” souvenirs from thailand.  hahaha!  this elephant pillow actually made the perfect neck roll for sleeping on the multiple plane rides.  i named him sparky :)  also, every time i wear my elephant slippers, *technically* i’m riding an elephant…right?  or am i reaching here?  is ok…i’m already used to disappointment ^_^


*forget water for elephants…how’s about tea for elephants?*

no outfit post today. as of yesterday, it was *already* a crazy busy week! however, stopped into target to get some sponges & also walked out with the MOST adorable teapot *evah!* this is from the new calypso st barth for target collection. i wasn’t a fan of the clothing (not a tie dye or caftans kinda girl), but  i noticed this teapot was already sold out online, so i snatched one up immediately! plus it’s huge & for $13, can’t be beat! now, i just have to keep stalking target to see if they get the turquoise elephant teapot in stock as well ^_^

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