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*neon abstract floral print for a rainy day*

i wanted to wear something fun, flirty & BRIGHT to the marshalls spring #fabfound event the other night.  easily done with another PBxT dress in striking neon colors & abstract “kaleidoscope” type print. 

however, the rains we recently had in boston also put a damper on an *almost* carefree evening.  don’t i always have a clothing item to the rescue though?  hahaha!  this newly found goodwill treasure of a rain jacket fit the bill quite nicely :)  added some equally fun & bright arm accessories & i was on my way.  

whoops, forgot the kicks ^_^  since this was a marshalls event, i took off the shelf, probably still my *best* marshalls find EVAR!  stuart weitzman lavender cheetah print heels, but neutral enough to conform to any outfit…for $75.  oh yeah!

wearing: prabal gurung x target dress || cynthia rowley ruffled coat (via goodwill) || kohl’s multichain bracelet || stuart weitzman heels


*a night with boston fashion bloggers at cynthia rowley*

i have to immediately already record this blog post under the category of ‘major fail.’  you see, i was invited by my dear blogger friends, kristen, the boston fashionista, as well as holly & greg of covetous creatures, to their co-hosted event at the cynthia rowley store on newbury street last week.  while i seem to have taken *plenty* of photos of kristen and one of greg, i have none of holly :( how rude right?  i was generously treated to champagne, chocolates & shopping & i couldn’t even snap a pic of our lovely hostess?

i was able to take plenty of pics around the store of the lovely decor & festive atmosphere.  plus, i was very proud of myself that i remembered to also take a lot of photos of fellow bloggers & friends this time which i usually forget to.

for example, there were bloggers i had *just* seen & spent a whole day with like smita of hogger & co.  there were other bloggers that i only recently met & have a great humorous connection with already like miz boston stylista, sarah.  there was michele of michele’s musings whom i have NOT seen in like literally for-rev-ver!  then, people i just met that night who were very sweet to chat with like becky with wicked peacock.  

oh wait…maybe me not taking a photo of one the hosts of this super fun event was not a total loss.  you see, technically i *did* manage to find a photo of holly.  see those amazing gold brocade heels above?  those are her feet ^_^

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