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*hermes at target?*

i seem to be all kinds of obsessed with heavy metal on my wrists lately. i actually have quite a large collection of bracelets, leather cuffs, etc., however i tend not to use them on a daily basis with my work, but i’m trying to get back more into bringing them out into the world to play ^_^

ownership of this new beauty however i owe all to izzy of the dandy project. if i hadn’t *just* read his post about this beautiful azure hermes leather cuff bracelet, i wouldn’t haven even recognized this stunner in the display case of target…YES *TARGET*…of all places! i almost couldn’t believe it. i never look in the jewelry cases there, but a flash of blue & stud caught my eye. before i knew it, my eyes & hands were pressed up against the glass & i was hitting the button for an “associate to assist me shortly.”  look at it. identical ring detail…identical stud layout…in genuine blue leather. YES, genuine leather even! crazy huh?

then, chiara of the blonde salad was wearing a different colored hermes cuff in one her latest posts (she’s one of my recent blogger faves that i’ve been following). 

we all know target does boku plenty collections with well-known designers, but a hermes collab? hahaha…yeah right, we’d like to think so (or not)! blatant knockoff? maybe…maybe not, but i don’t think the regular target shopper would be aware of a lookalike hermes cuff in their midst (let alone even know what hermes is…eek!). i’ve scoured the target website for this leather bracelet…nothing. did my local store have one as a fluke? if anyone else finds the same cuff in their ‘hood target, i’d love to know! in the meantime, i’m gonna go take this studmuffin for a walk ^_^

middle left picture via the dandy project; middle right picture via the blonde salad; top & bottom pictures via moi

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