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*day 2 of philadelphia comic con 2013 - enter o-ren ishii*

i don’t cosplay very often (short for costume play), but i decided to use this second day of philly comic con to go full steam ahead & try out a new outfit i’ve been tinkering with :)  if you don’t know who i am, then you’re obviously not a fan of quentin tarantino movies…hahaha!

this was my dry run for this costume that i plan wearing somewhere else.  there are still a few things to tweak regarding its execution, but i feel it was a successful first outing!  instead of taking a bazillion photos like i usually do, i decided to photograph only with other all-white costumes that day…a star wars clone, princess leia & the assassin’s creed dude.  well, plus all the little girls who requested photos…can never resist the darlings who ask so politely!  see you next year, philly comic con!

wearing: white kimono via hellocosplay.net || shirashaya (sword) via ebay || hair pin, obijime, small sword - my own or DIY


*the freaks & geeks of philly comic con 2012*

since this post is really not related to fashion or my personal style (although you do catch glimpses of my outfit that day) & it’s SUPER DUPER PICTURE HEAVY…i’ll do the thing which i never really do by cutting the post with a “read more” break.  that way, if you’re not really interested in the costumed freaks, you’re not inundated by all the tights & capes…hahaha!  if you ARE (you weirdo), then enjoy!

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*another all white outfit @ philly comic con*

here i am again…at *the* premiere event for the comic geek fan set…hahaha!  this is going to be the strangest comparison you’ll probably read all year, but i kind of view these large scale comic book conventions exactly like NYFW (or any of the famous fashion weeks).  you see, people dress up pretty kookily in the hopes of getting their photographs taken to be posted in magazines, get on the news, featured on blogs, etc.  they jostle, they jockey, they posture for their positions…just like fashion week, get it?  that’s why whether i fully dress up in costume (image 6) or just a hyperinflated version of what i normally like to wear, it’s definitely a gotta stand out situation!

hence, nothing like insuring having a “unique” look amongst all the crazy costumes like an all white outfit *again*…although with the flowy train & body harness…i seem to be channeling a sort of nymphish bondage forest elf on her wedding day.  i guess that’s what i’d call it, if i had to describe my look.  hahaha!  my DIY rodarte star hairclip finally made an appearance & nothing like my spiked litas to help me navigate the crowds.  just like last year, my next post will feature more of the freaks & geeks of comic con ^_^ 

wearing: LF white high low dress || asos mint harness belt || DIY rodarte star headpiece || DIY skull bracelets || jeffrey campbell lita spike


*the fabulous geeks & costumed freaks: new york comic con recap*

as promised, a little more of comic con & *less* me…hahaha!  it was a hectic 2 days, but the energy was great & some of the costumes were amazing!  everything from the old school standard superheros that we all grew up with…superman, batman, wonder woman, etc…to new popular characters from movies & TV shows, like game of thrones (a personal favorite).

there was also a big anime festival going on the same time as the convention, so a lot of anime & manga (japanese comics & cartoons) characters were represented.  i haven’t kept up with anime in years, so i didn’t know half the costumes, but some (like the blue weaponed girl above that i still can’t identify) were quite spectacular!  also, a lot of hit girls which made me sad i didn’t don my own costume, but i was really glad i came more as a spectator than a participant.

not just humans, but even animals got into the act!  why should only humanoids have all the costumed fun…hahaha!  anyone watch V the series as a kid…the original series starring marc singer?  or am i dating myself?  even with all the new characters running around, i definitely appreciated seeing some “visitors" from my childhood.

yup…everything from baby wolverines happily playing video games to superhero women in capes, teeny weeny body suits & platform boots…it was all quite a spectacle! 

oh well…gawking at scantily clad women aside (& some that should not have been scantily clad), i had one main mission to undergo that i can report back as successfully accomplished!  speaking of game of thrones…lookee who i got a picture with ^_^


*staying cool while dressing warm at new york comic con: day 2*

*definitely* more casual than my getup from yesterday…hahaha!  so, after going to a few of these, i think i finally found the trick to convention dressing.  you move from room to room & from inside to outside.  rooms can be stuffed full of people & unbearably filled with the stench of sweaty humanity, then you’re in a bigger hallway that’s virtually empty & the AC is cranked to freezing.  it’s warm inside & then windy & cold outside.  yesterday’s outfit was big, with lots of fabric, but billowy enough that my clothes weren’t really touching (i.e. suffocating) my body.  plus that dress had cutout holes running down the sleeves.  so, same for today.  i’m wearing a thick sweater which is almost like a dress on me, but it’s so holey that i was warm when i needed to be & cool when not. make sense?  maybe not.  it sure did work for me though!  i guess what i’m trying to say is if you’re going to be in schizophrenic temperature conditions, long sleeves + lotsa fabric + holes = thumbs up!

on a side note, this michael kors sweater i got at a heavy discount from the now defunct tratutti.  it was new with tags $295 & with the going out of business sale, was a mere…wait for it…$17!  i know, what a power buy huh?  i just felt i had to pay homage to tratutti, one of my fave online (& local) consignment stores…now very much missed :(

on another note, check out this GINORMOUS hello kitty tote bag i scored on day 2 of the convention!  there was a booth there that if you bought a $20 t-shirt, this was the bag the t-shirt came in O.O  it’s beyond awesome.  i don’t even know how i’ll use it IRL O.O  it’ll be my new panic room when the zombies attack…hahaha!

after the convention, MDH & i ran some errands around the city before heading home.  one of those stops was ladurée on madison for some yummy french macarons!  i thought comic con was a shitshow, but arriving at ladurée 1-1/2 hours before closing time was the shittiest of shows.  the line extended halfway down the block (and you know how long a new york block is) plus it moved slooooow.  it was a rough 1 hour wait, but i treated it like my voodoo doughnut wait in portland.  some things are just worth it!  well, worth it for the first time.  would i do it again?  probably not.  there are enough places here in boston for me to get my macaron fix.  good thing my outfit theory still proved correct here.  even with the drop in temps to the 50s & the warmth of the sun waning, i was still good & at least not freezing freezing during that long hour wait outside.  yeah…functional indoor/outdoor dressing skills…i haz it!  that…or i’m just too lazy to carry a light jacket around…bwahaha ^_^


*asian stevie nicks goes to new york comic con: day 1*

anyone care to buy a batmobile?  hahaha!  i know this outfit is kinda much as far as a daily outfit goes, but lemme esplain :)

shortly after my quick visit with christian siriano, MDH & i drove down to NYC to attend the new york comic con.  what?  comic book convention?  yeah, i know…personal style…geeky comic book people…it doesn’t add up.  here’s the backstory.  my husband has been a comic book collector pretty much all his life.  i used to go with him to comic book conventions early on in our dating years. then again, that was back when it was really only about comic books & held in small marriott ballrooms with only creepy guys skulking about.  NOW, these conventions have exploded into full-blown media events that bring in every type of person from all walks of life.

this was our first time going to the new york comic con.  last year, philly was the big one we attended.  i even dressed up in costume for that one.  i didn’t this year since A) i couldn’t find my hit girl costume & B) i wanted to take photos with celebrities & didn’t want to be in costume for that.  *however* one can’t just go dressed normally with all the freaks & geeks running about.  gotta step it up somehow.

soooooo…i pulled out this gorgeously voluminous dress that i got from the asian icandy store.  i really love it, but it’s certainly not for everyday use, but perfect for twirling amongst costumed enthusiasts.  no one even batted an eye at me…hahaha!  when i got dressed that morning, my husband asked if i was supposed to be “anything” (he wasn’t sure if this was a normal outfit or if i was in costume…funny huh?).  i told him this was my “asian stevie nicks" look.  he nodded his head in agreement, like why yes…yes it is.  hahaha!  i love the dress, but it might be hard to wear all the time.  i’m contemplating having it tailored more into a coat.  i think i would get more use out of it that way & then YES, asian stevie nicks could make an appearance all.the.time!  woo hoo!

speaking of costumed freaks convention goers, i just wanted to concentrate on my outfit for this post, but don’t worry.  sit back, have a lollipop & later on, i’ll post all the crazy outfits i saw that weekend ^_^

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