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*what i would wear to coachella…if i were going*

if you don’t know that coachella is going on right now, you must live over here on the east coast with me…under a rock! naw, i do know about coachella & it sounds like fun & all, but the mega outdoor multi-day music festivals never really appealed to me. i *guess* this is what i would wear that would be the most coachella-appropriate, but i know even this would be too much. what can i say? i’m not a suede fringe vest or denim cutoffs kinda girl :) hahaha!

i tell you what else this outfit was appropriate for wearing though…dinner at max brenner!!! my friends in philly & all our other friends who have ever visited them RAVE about max brenner & i was kinda feeling like the loser who never gets to go where the cool kids hang out :( one *finally* opened in boston! my poor hubby had been laid up in bed last week with a sore back & this was the first date night we had in all that time. we gorged ourselves on mini philly cheesesteaks, mac & cheese, waffle fries & deconstructed smores for dessert! it was ridiculous! my dessert came on a ceramic plate in the shape of graph paper. GRAPH PAPER!!! the nerd in me wanted to bust out the compass & protractor in delight! it was a very fun place & i will DEFINITELY be going again soon! 

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