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*wearing green on christmas day*

wearing: h&m dress || rodarte/target asian print t-shirt || vintage tassel pendant || green bead necklace & bracelet (from naomi) || JC wedges 

hmmm…it’s not that i have an aversion to the usual christmas red, but it seems like i’m wearing green again…just like last year :) hahaha!  complete with silly hat from my mother-in-law, of course!  hope everyone had a very merry christmas!  just enjoying the rest of my (now) sunnier california vacation & glad to be missing out on the massive snowstorm i’m hearing about back east.  yikes!

of note for my christmas outfit, i’ve weirdly taken to wearing this old rodarte & target collab t-shirt under other sleeveless shirts/dresses as it kind of gives me that japanese tattoo sleeve effect.  don’t know why i like it for now (or maybe i do know…hello, adam levine) ^_^  also, my jewelry (sans my husband’s gma’s tassel pendant) i got from my blogger buddy, naomi, who moved to NYC & she was selling a lot of her clothing to make room.  shop a fashion stylist’s closet???  heck yeah!


*merry, merry christmas!*


merry (belated) christmas everyone!  it’s been such a crazy time here with my in-laws in PA that can’t get posts up in a timely manner. oh well, that’s what the holidays do to ya!  we spent christmas day with very old friends of the family who come over every year for christmas dinner, gift giving, funny hat wearing, wine drinking, games playing & good ol’ yankee swapping!  since my MIL & others typically dress up in red, i decided to go green this year & in keeping with the mildly warm weather we’ve been having, why not the versace for h&m palm print leggings as well?  hahaha!  the family has talked about doing christmas maybe one of these years in the caribbean or some other tropical location.  who knows?  maybe i’ll wear these next year in a more appropriate environment :) wherever you are or whoever you’re with, may your holiday season be filled with joy & happiness & full of hope for the upcoming new year ^_^



*it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas*

not much to report on today, what can i say?  i never get on the TGIF bandwagon because i teach friday nights & i typically see clients on saturday (gotta make that cheddar), so my schedule ramps up versus slows down this time of the week.  wah wah…poor me.  oh well…enough of that whining :)

my downstairs neighbor did a great job decorating out front, so i wanted to showcase her efforts rather than my outfit which is so decidedly *not* very christmasy at all…hahaha!  gotten a little lazy with wearing the same belt & same shoes from the other day just cos they’re right there still.  decided to stick with the very neutral dark brown/camel palette with just the statement necklace & leopard print giving some kind of interest to the outfit.  even though it’s a blah day, i’m very excited for christmas coming up.  in fact, finished almost all of my holiday shopping (& then more for me) already.  only one last yankee swap gift to find.  then soon enough, it’ll be off to my in-laws’ place once again for more eating, drinking & overall relaxing!  CAN’T WAIT!

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